Finch The Cat Needs Your Prayers

  1. Here's another cat who was brought to Best Friends Animal Society's Guardian Angel Program. These people are true angels. Please donate to this program, they're saving animals that otherwise would have been destroyed.

    Some evil person or people set Finch the cat on fire, he's getting all the best care and love from the angels at Best Friends.:heart::heart:

    092607finch_SI.jpg 100407finch_SI.jpg
  2. I love that place... They truly do great work for the animals. I sponsor few. I just don't get how people can be so evil towards animals. What have they done to us but give unconditional love... Sigh...
  3. that picture makes me want to cry :sad:
  4. This is sick!! Evil to the core..
  5. :crybaby::crybaby:That poor little kitty. God, I hope she didn't feel much pain, and that she will be fully recovered.
    I would adopt her in a minute and give her the best life, poor little thing.
    What kind of evil person could do something like that?? Whoever did this deserves to be put on fire.:cursing:
  6. ^ agreed. :sad: This makes me so sad. I'm just glad there are loving and caring people out there who will take care of these animals.
  7. This breaks my heart :sad: I hope Finch finds a loving, caring home. I know he will :heart:
  8. ^Same here.

    This poor you know if the person who did this to him was ever caught?

    Seriously, what is wrong with people?! How do people even get the thought/desire to do something like this?!
  9. Here's a link for an update on Finch:

    Serial killers start out by torturing and killing animals. Is there a way to help a 16 year old who threw gasoline on an animal and set it on fire?

    TPF'ers ~ Please take a look at the animals the Guardian Angel program is helping. Please become a Guardian Angel and donate. Here's a link:

  10. Omg that just breaks my heart, so sad.
  11. OMG! Who could do such an evil, sick thing?:cursing: Poor little Finch!:crybaby: I hope she'll be okay and will find a caring, loving home!:heart: