Financing your LV addiction

  1. Hi everybody! :smile: I'm relatively new to this board, so forgive me if this is a silly question.

    I'm looking into buying my first BRAND NEW bag. (A DAMIER SPEEDY 30! EEEEEEEK!) & I was just do all of you guys go about paying for your lv addiction? I know that a lot of you are hard working ladies with good paying jobs, but I know there have to be some poor college students out there like me. So do you put them or credit cards or just save up for months? I know $620 isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but that's a semester of textbooks for me, haha. So how in the world do you ladies afford all of these beautiful bags?

  2. I new to LV myself, but would never go into debt over a bag. Save your money. When you have enough it will feel great to go in and purchase your speedy. For me, half the fun is in the anticipation of a future purchase.
  3. i'm a poor college student like u hehe, and i need a part time job to support my buying habits and some money from my parents here and there, but i do have to save it all up together.
  4. I'm new as of today too. I'm married so that's what's always on the Xmas list. I watched MARTHA on Fine Living Mon. nite and after she mentioned that her Hermes Birkin had gone from $1600 to $9000 in 15 years I researched all my LV's. I have pieces that new cost $900 more than I spent for them! Yahoo!! So think of them as an appreciating asset!
  5. In the past, a lot of people here have said they save up for them. Others have said they do a credit card payment and I think those who do usually try to pay them off relatively fast. My rule of thumb is pay for everything in cash so that I can visually see what's going out. And sometimes you can get good deals via eBay or a resaler with help from our authentication thread.
  6. I just ask mom or BF .... but recently I got a little lecture "value of a dollar" from BF. He said nice things are okay but compulsive buying is definitely a no-go. So now a days I just cut back and wait for the holidays, birthdays and gift giving days etc. Until I graduate and start making the big bucks it will have to do. :push:
  7. I either save or resell some of my older bags that I don't use. I also sometimes put it on a card, but I pay it off fast.
  8. I am B-R-O-K-E!!!!!!!!!!! That is in terms of disposable cash. My parents has given me loads of bonds and mutual funds in my name. I get interests in the mail from time to time but the capital won't be with me until they mature lol. Until then I would have bought a Birkin! :graucho:

    Anyway, I'm soon to go to uni (in 4 days). Gotta stop myself from lusting for luxury goods now. I am BADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. When I was still in college, I saved up for my bags. IMO it's not worth putting on a credit card for. It's not worth it to pay interest! A speedy 30 costs $620 but may end up costing tons more b/c of interest!
  10. Well I am not a lady, get used to the few guys on this forum. lol

    I am a college student, I work 2 jobs, a waiter and a dancer at a gay bar to fund my lv addiciton lol
  11. You are highly admirable Matt! :cutesy:
  12. do you do it? I am a student & work one job for like, three days of the week and I'm having a rough time. That's amazing!
  13. I guess its the tips I make haha!
  14. I'm very lucky to have generous parents, a trust fund and a hard-working husband:smile:....