Financing your bag appetite


How do you fund your MJ bag habit?

  1. I have a weekly/monthly MJ allowance.

  2. I have a honeybunny who lets me have anything I want.

  3. I have learned to live on PBJ and still look good.

  4. What's a budget?

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  1. My new bag habit has me rethinking my budget. I see many who are on bans, but purchases still. This is just a fun poll, but do you fund your purchases through an allowance; at will; monthly or weekly budget allotments or do you just pretty much don't worry and get what you want?

    *if you in the latter, do you need any new dependents?*:confused1:
  2. well, honestly, i was on a ban because i've been trying to cut back on my overall spending this year so i can move out and pay off my CC's i racked up going to school. i've been selling on eBay, and so the majority of that hobbie funded my latest purchase, and allows me to get rid of stuff i no longer use, and make room for new stuff.

    i work two part time jobs too. just got the second one this week, and my personal reason for breaking my ban was for two reasons: to reward myself for my new job, which is something that will really focus my career:yahoo:, and also because the opportunity came up for me to get a NWT bag in the color i have been looking for:love:, which is often hard when your looking fo past seasons...

    I would have bought this bag after my ban ended anyways...she just magically appeared and so i went with it....and i've never gone on a bag ban before either...i was partially inspired by gals on here and hope my next try at it is more sucessful;)
  3. Good question! I have a fund for non-essential items (extra bags, shoes etc). Each month I put away a certain amount and when I find something that I want I use that. I've been pretty good with not buying every bag that I like or really want. I think on average I buy 2 bags per year, or 1 bag and 1 wallet.
  4. Thanks for answering. I really wanted this to be fun and not heavy. For me I have spent a little lump on my new habit, more than any amount of Ferragamos that I so adore. I know for me one bag I got was fake so when I got my money back I had to replace it. Now I am pretty much happy, but I am sure that I will see something else that I MUST add.

    I will be cleaning my closets too with a few auctions. I know my male co-workers chide my many boxes that have come in. But hey, my bags look GOOD.
  5. I don't have a set amount that I need to stay within. I look for good deals on eBay, so I have to be prepared to jump on a bag that I'm searching for when it comes up, (I'll worry about the fact that I've acquired 6 MJ's in the last 2 months some other time). :p
  6. Ok, I see that I am going to have to learn how to like PJB... shoot if I keep it up, I'll be living on hot water and ketchup packs to make soup. LOL
  7. well, remember peanut butter has protein in it, which helps build and maintain strong bid-clicking fingers for eBay... :graucho: :roflmfao:
  8. I voted for "I have learned to live on PB&J and still look good..." LOL. Actually, it's noodle bowls (for lunch!). Sadly, I strongly suspect that no matter how much money I had, or no matter how rich my honeybunny was, I would still buy the maximum number of MJ bags allowable and save only enough money for noodlebowls at lunch.

    Okay, I'm exaggerating a LITTLE but really, not TOO much. :smile: Seriously though, I do have a certain amount of money I allow myself to spend each month on handbags and other fun items and going out to lunch etc., and I have been known to cut corners in most other areas to allow for my "habit." :smile:
  9. /\ heheheh!!! noodle bowls: food for the starving artists as well as the die-hard MJ addicts!
  10. Well, it's kind of a little of all of the above. I work full time, but I have house, three teenage daughters and lots of other stuff that requires funds. I buy on E-bay when I can and my mom buys me handbags for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I usually buy in waves. I am on a bag buying spree right now. I'll slow down and then it will start up again. My husband is ok with it as long as bills are paid and the electricity is still on! I have cut back in other areas. I don't buy as many cosmetics and frivolous stuff like that. I would rather buy a handbag then spend on silly stuff.
  11. ramen?! :heart: love it.
  12. Phew, I'm glad I'm not alone with the noodles. And bags. ;)
  13. I'm absolutely do not have any income and it's pathetic. I've been looking for jobs within the University as that's the only place I can work due to my visa status as an international student. Anyways, I don't own that many MJs. I recently bought a Stella to reward myself for doing well in grad school for my very first sem and I was digging into my savings for that but I returned the bag as it wasn't as described and now I'm holding off till I find something I like.

    In any case, none of the above options apply to me.
  14. No you're not alone. My new rationale is that I need to lose a few pounds so my cutting back on the grocery bill won't hurt a thing! I'll have to add noodles and crunchy Jiff to my pantry.
  15. LMAO... definitely need that protein for the fingers!!

    before I ever found tpf, I would have never spent more than $400 for a bag. Somehow now that limit has increased to $1100. Anyway, I built and funded my collection by buying and selling bags. I keep trading up, KWIM? like I would with a car or a house. I don't keep a big collection, and I'll sell bags that I don't use to fund new bags. Gotta love ebay!!

    And if I need to, I'll live on PBJ, eggs, or ramen for a while. Heck, I'd rather have a bag and lose some weight too. I've cut back on other frivolous expenses as well - not eating/drinking out as much and makeup(makeup I've found is total waste of money). I've learned to cut back on excessive cheap clothing purchases(forever 21, old navy, etc) to save money for bags. Most importantly, I always contribute to my 401k and ESPP/savings before setting aside money for bags. And never fall prey to the sales goggles... always know which bag you like best each season, and stick to it. Otherwise you'll never get the bag that you've always wanted because you're too broke from buying the bag that you sort of like that was on sale.