Finaly traded in 25year HAC for a NEW ONE!

  1. Wow I can hardly belive it I sold off my old 1986 Vache Natural 32cm HAC (it held up beautifully!)for a Mint Condition 2004 HAC 32cm Vache liggee Gold with Gold HW!!! She is gorgeous I am just thrilled! This bag looks, smells and feels brand spanking new and arrived today from another TPFer in it's original box with the stuffing and everything!!!
    I am not so sure about this new JPG hardware it is harder to get into the bag than the old style..but the Vache Liggee in Gold is really lovely, much lighter than I thought it would be...which i just love! I am a very happy gal :yahoo:!!!
    Here's her photo with some of the accessories that go inside...:rolleyes:
    Any one have any thoughts on this newer style hardware? You have to twist it in each direction to get it open..yikes! Any of you gals into HAC's???
    I love the lines perhaps it's a bit more elegant than a 35cm Birkin (not to offend anyone)I would still like to own a 35cm Birkin in the future maybe in a fun bright color!
  2. Congratulations !!! what a beauty:smile:))) and a great story:smile:
  3. It is so good to see when a bag finds the right owner! This one obviously belongs with you! :smile:
    Personally I do feel the lines of the hac are very elegant. I also love the new square hardware. I think it makes it look a little edgier and hipper!
  4. Congrats! What a great find!
  5. docride, I've got a 32cm HAC with the square turnlock and it's a non-issue for me because I almost never close the straps. I think it looks very interesting and sets it apart from the Birkin.
  6. It's great to hear that both HAC has found its new mommy.

    Docride, your new bag looks great with her accessories. My HAC doesn't have the round turnlock, so I am curious as to how this works.
  7. I find it so amazing how gorgeous Hermes bags keep up even aged;) such a craftsmanship and an example why we love them so much.

    I'm myself very curious about a HAC now:smile: you are enabling me ....
  8. The HAC is just amazing! Yours is truly beautiful, enjoy in good health!
  9. Looks beautiful! Congratulations... what a great year-round-bag!!!:nuts::heart:
  10. docride, Congrats! It's a beauty. :smile:
  11. Your HAC is just beautiful!
  12. I have got to enable someone I guess it is you ;o) I am adoring this bag!!! The smell is heavenly! Tha Vache liggee is going to hold up for decades! You really should try a HAC 32cm out..she is less bulky somehow than the only slightly larger cousin Birkin 35cm.. Thank you for your kind wishes! OOOO's
  13. hello, Thank you for the kind note! My old HAC has the round turn lock like a Birkin this new HAC has the square turn lock :o)
  14. Thank you! Big OO's 2 U !
  15. Thanks for the thumbs up on this...She is still pretty stiff so it is rather a labor of love to close up her belt anyhow :o) Have a great night and thanks for writing!