Finaly!!!My first Burberry bag!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    Back from Barcelona with my first Burberry bag!!!
    It wasn't in my plans but I was browsing the store after buying a silk scarf and there it was!!!Looking at me.Haha!So, I had to have it!And the SAs were sooo kind and helpful!The truth was that I didn't have a big amount to spent,but they never made me feel miserable.They were great!
    So, I present you the Katrina model...


    I was also given a cute little map of the city with such a great presentation...

  2. it's very cute, congrats!!
  3. That is adorable! And I love the charm!
  4. It's the Dior charm.Finally found a bag that it looks good on!LOL!
  5. Very Cute.:yes:
  6. congrats & enjoy with love & care :smile:
  7. Congratulations, enjoy your new bag!
  8. congrats, how exciting.
  9. Very pretty- congratulations!
  10. Thats a very cute bag! I never seen that style before. Maybe I should visit Burberry soon!
  11. oh a dior charm? that's cute. glad you could find a bag that you could put it on, i love it!
    hope you enjoy your first burberry bag, and i'm happy to hear that they were still happy to help you even though you didn't have a great amount to spend. that's good customer service now isn't it?
  12. Yes.I think this is a very good definition of good customer service. And that wasn't all. They were always smiling, really willing to help and not ironical. I've read stories about bad behaviour of SAs on tpf and at first I was sceptical about going inside the store.But I'm happy to have done it. And they seemed to know what they were doing. They must have so good relationships with their customers, that one lady could tell I'm greek just from my accent. That shows something. And plus I don't think it's irrelevant that Burberry bags (not fakes of course) are being more carried all over Barcelona instead of any other brand. Maybe the SAs themselves have played a role in this.:woohoo:
  13. cute stuff. congrats.
  14. Your bag is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love those handles!!!!
  15. congratulations! great choice on such a cute bag :smile: