1. all my college sistas holla back if it's about that time of year again! if you're on the quarter system, it might be a little early for you, but i'm on the semester system, and this is the last week of regular class. i'm 7.5 pages in to a research paper due thursday that has to be at least 10 pages and the stress is seriously messing with me.

    i have a horrible cold that won't go away, they sent me home from work yesterday for being sick and i called in today. i have my very own trash bag and kleenex box that i carry around with me. i was working on my paper at my apartment because there are fewer distractions there, but i'm at my boyfriend's house now because the air conditioner in my apartment crapped out on us today (and it was only built two years ago! :mad: ). we put a work order in, but it'll be tomorrow before someone comes by.

    and finals haven't even started yet *cries*
  2. aww amanda feel better, this is a horrible time to be sick.....

    my first final is next week and i'm gonna die.....i'm going to be massacred :Push:....i'm on here all day trying to avoid studying, so if any sees me on the forum in the next 4 weeks, please please please please yell at me and tell me to get my ass back to studying......
  3. My finals start in three weeks. I didn't study. I'm very scared.
  4. You go to Columbia Law right jc? I'm asking that because my friend (who actually goes to Columbia), got lost in the Law School building and claims there are very cute Asian guys there. :lol:
  5. My finals are HERE~!

    I just led my own 1.5 hour presentation, I have a practical tomorrow, final paper with annotated bib on Thursday. Final next Tuesday, Wednesday (take home), Thursday, and Friday. AND SUMMER HERE I COME! But oh wait, I have a 12 week internship at Santa Cruz. More work!
  6. I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Finished up a 10 pg paper Sun night, got a neurophysiology test thurs, stats test friday and then I graduate :nuts:
  7. cute asian guys??? where??? (looking around like a madwoman....).......i don't see any :blink:.........all i see are short, dorky, anti-social study freaks who're either too afraid to talk to me or married :Push:

    and i went to columbia as an undergrad...i'd be graduating this year (i graudated early).....maybe your friend's my year?
  8. Nope, she's a junior this year. But would you know a Jukay?

    I don't remember a lot of people who went to Columbia, but there are a bunch. Would you know anyone that went to Stuy for high school?

    I wish I had gone to Columbia instead...I miss the city like crazy now.

    Oh yes, she swears she was in the elevator and these two majorly hot asian guys walked in. That makes me consider law..haha
  9. we have random columbians walking around so that's probably what she saw.....i miss being an undergrad with all the hot i'm stuck with ppl who have "fiancees" and "children" as in.....not looking for a cute asian girlfriend :P...........i don't know stuy people but i do know a lot of bronx ppl (although none at columbia) that're your friend's year......and if you're looking for hot asian guys, law school is definitely not the way to go.....i think i've seen like 1 hot guy all year......and he was probably only hot cuz he was the only asian guy i saw over 5'5 :Push:

    see ladies.....and the procrastination continues.......this is the 4th day i've spend on the PF trying not to study......somebody kill my internet pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase.......
  10. Oh gosh I have my first final on Friday and I have borderline grades in all my classes so I have to fight the last battle to get my A's and A-'s haha. The next 2 weeks needs to end soon!

    And Amanda ~ I hope you feel better!!
  11. Haha Jc and Shu ur better off at Columbia than my school! Not only are there no cute asian guys, but no cute white guys either :blink: On the other hand we do have plenty of very pretty girls.. which works out great if you're a lesbian :lol: . But for the straight girls.. it's long distance relationships all the way haha.
  12. I *still* have my flu so I feel ya, Amanda. I'm on the quarter system so we're just getting warmed up for midterms. First one Thursday. Bah!
  13. I hope you feel better Amanda!

    My first final is May 8th. Blah. I can't wait for school to be over. Good luck on your finals everyone!
  14. Finals for me too!!! Actually I'm finishing up my master's degree (yep I graduate next weekend!!!) so I'm in the midst of: 1) final editing on my thesis, 2) a research paper, and 3) a group project. Just took an exam yesterday which I think I pretty much screwed up because my mind went blank and couldn't match the name of the scholars with the dates for the theories, but oh well nothing I can do about it now.

    I think I need more red bull.

    P.S. Hope you feel better soon amanda!!! It SUCKS to be sick at this time of year... (I went through it last weekend!!!)
  15. Oh man! You make it sound so awful haha! But 5'5?!?!?! You've GOTTA be kidding me...