FINALS WEEK sympathy thread

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  1. it's that time of year again, folks!

    to all my lovely fellow college students out there in the tPF universe, i wish you a good finals week, lots of coffee (or, if you're like me, lots of sugar-free Full Throttle), all-night pizza delivery, and a few more days of sanity.

    i had my very own finals week christmas miracle earlier today - one of my professors emailed me and said that since she had to cancel the last day of class, our final was optional! thank god i have an A in the class, i will NOT be taking it!

    i'll leave you with this, which my freshman roommate emailed to me several years ago:

    Twas the night before finals,
    And all through the college,
    The students were praying
    For last minute knowledge.

    Most were quite sleepy
    But none touched their beds,
    While visions of essays
    Danced in their heads.

    Out in the taverns,
    A few were still drinking,
    And hoping that liquor
    Would loosen their thinking.

    In my own dorm room,
    I had been pacing,
    And dreading exams
    I soon would be facing.

    My roommate was speechless,
    His nose in his books,
    And my comments to him
    Drew unfriendly looks.

    I drained all the coffee,
    And brewed a new pot,
    No longer caring
    That my nerves were all shot.

    I stared at my notes
    But my thoughts were all muddy
    My eyes went ablur,
    I just couldn't study.

    "Some pizza might help,"
    I thought with a shiver,
    But each place that I called
    Refused to deliver.

    I'd nearly concluded
    That life was too cruel,
    With futures depending
    On grades had in school.

    When all of a sudden,
    Our door opened wide,
    And Patron Saint Put It Off
    Ambled inside.

    His spirit was careless,
    His manner was mellow,
    He looked straight at me,
    And started to bellow:

    "What kind of student
    Would make such a fuss
    To toss back at teachers
    What they tossed at us?"

    "On Cliff Notes! On Crib Notes!
    On Last Year's Exams!
    On Wingit and Slingit,
    And Last Minute Crams!"

    His message delivered,
    He vanished from sight,
    But we heard him laughing
    Outside in the night.

    "Your teachers have pegged you,
    So just do your best.
    Happy Finals to All,
    And to all a good test."
  2. Haha, thanks for the diversion. I am studying right now. One more final to go... Good luck!
  3. My finals aren't until next friday. Yuck. I wish I could take them now and get it over with.
  4. I've been there. I remember it well. Glad it's over.

    My freshman year of college I ended up with strep throat and pneumonia on finals week. I got sent home to recover and had to take my finals AFTER Christmas break.
  5. LOL Good luck on your finals everyone!!

    I have one on Monday and one on Wednesday and then I am DONE!!!
  6. I just have one on Thursday, but a paper due Monday and another due Friday... TPF is so bad! Distracting me from John Donne...
  7. ^^ I love John Donne!
  8. Oh that is so cool, I was just wanting someone to commiserate w/...

    I just had a 2 1/2 hour one today. My head's fuzzy right now...
  9. Isn't he awesome uhkiwi? I don't know about this paper business though! Also, did I see you say in another thread some time ago that you liked Pynchon? Am I mad?
  10. Still studying... Bah! My last final is Wednesday. Whew! I will probably be up another hour or so.
  11. Ugh...working on a take-home stats final this weekend. I've got this take home due Tuesday, an in class on Tuesday afternoon, and a 30-40 page paper due on Tuesday afternoon as well.
    Then it's all over!!!
  12. nerdphanie, I was writing a Pynchon paper! and did I read that you were doing a psyc project? are you a double major?
  13. Good Luck all :heart:

    My Very last Final was May22nd :yahoo: no more untill MBA's (if god wills) :yahoo:
  14. Aww! Thanks for this thread. I got through my biology exam on 36 hours straight of studying (overstudied for all the wrong things, but I think I still pulled through -- it's over, though, and that's the most important part). I can't believe I went right back to relaxing! I've got one exam next week, and another one a few days later. Study, study, study, aah!

    I wish I was brilliantly organized and rich (don't we all) so that I could shop half the time, and study half the time. That would be perfect.
  15. i've finished my 2 exams and 1 research paper thursday :smile: i'm looking forward to a break!