1. after much stress by buying and returning a fake birkin from eBay (i got a full refund thank goodness), my FIRST 35cm Birkin arrived today. i was waiting and waiting for the fedex guy. he finally came an hour ago, and i took my time opening the box, scared it might not be the color as described.

    omigod, i loooooooooove it. I purchased it with from a TPF reputable reseller for a reasonable price who was kind enough to send pictures to me!! i can post those for now, but later when my hubby gets back with the camera, i'll post more.

    It's a bicolor togo Brique (black chevre lining) with PH. It actually looks more like rouge H with an orange/warm base. The color really does look like autumn leaves.

    I'm fainting from relief.
    Hermesbirkinbriquegreen.jpg Hermesbirkinbriquenavy.jpg
  2. OOOOOHHHHHH!!! SO STUNNING! This is such a rich deep amazing color!!

  3. Babyhart, it's so beautiful!

    I'm totally in love with this color. Congratulations. I'm sure she'll go with everything!
  4. Congratulations...she is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!
  5. Oooh, that is just too gorgeous! Love it with the shawl, too!
  6. congratulations, what an amazing find!
  7. Wow, a new Birkin that reminds you of falling leaves!

    How incredibly special. Congrats Babyhart!! :yahoo:
  8. Congratulations Babyhart!!
  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag! Whoo-hooo!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to see the inside of the bag and the contrast.............gorgeous!
  11. That is gorgeous! Congrats babyhart!!!

    So glad to hear you got your full refund on the bad fake!
  12. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  13. Love the color, sooo rich and juicy! Congrats and can't wait to see more pics of your new beauty.
  14. OOOOOOOH!!! It's gorgeous, I'm a big fan of Brique!
  15. GORGEOUS! :yahoo:

    Wear it in good health!