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Which exotic leather??

  1. Braise porosus croc

  2. Braise ostrich

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  1. Femina I am excited for you! You are going to be so happy!!!!
  2. Sounds perfect!!! It's worth the wait just to see it!
  3. Femina, hope you don't mind my asking how much it's gonna cost for the 2 bags you ordered?
  4. Oh.....I'm already stressed with my spending. Never in my life I pay so much for bags!!! It gonna cost me more than SGD$20,000!!! Luckily, I'm not marrried yet. Hehehehe.........:amuse: :amuse:
  5. Femina, I hate to tell you this...SGD$20,000 is not even enough to pay for half the price of a 30cm croc Birkin.

    You should find out from your VIP Mum how much the Hermes croc Birkins are.
  6. Keep us updated.
  7. Ya...I know that. That's why I stated it's more than SGD$20,000. The SA told me it's around up to SGD$60,000 plus. Aaaaaeeeeee.............I'm already stressed!!! Luckily, I have my mum to fork out a bit of money for me.....she haven't bought for me a gift yet for my enrolment in this is a gift from her for me!!! Hooray...!!!!:amuse: :amuse: :amuse:

    But, I still need to work part-time or else...little savings left. Anyone wants to hire me....??:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  8. Ayyyyyyyy, $6k is enough for me. Today, this guy was walking next to me with a lit cigarette and I was so afraid he was going to touch my baby birkin with his nasty cigarette. Can you imagine walking around with a bag that costs as much as a down payment for a house, to have some idiot flickering his cigarette near it?
  9. You know...I use to worry about theft and my Hermes...never really thought about a lit cigarette. I would just die!
  10. Oh my, I would have given him the evil eye!!
  11. What is SGD converted to USD?
  12. Famina - why is wait so long? Is it for them to find the leather or is it because there too many people already ahead of you?

    Kellybag - I worry about odor and sunlight. I never leave by bags in direct sunlight, and never take any bags to a korean BBQ house.
  13. He was in his own little world, just walking with a lit cigarette and brushed me from behind and walked quickly past me. I wasn't walking slow or anything, but on a crowded street, you need to watch out for such characters who brush by you from behind!
  14. Hi Happy, based on the latest foreign exchange rate (28 Mar 06):

    SGD$1.62 = US$1
  15. REALLY? :weird:

    You're able to place order for 2 croc Birkins, a 30cm and a 35cm, and your SA said it's around SGD$60,000+ ?

    I don't mean to be rude, but I find your story unbelievable.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.