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Which exotic leather??

  1. Braise porosus croc

  2. Braise ostrich

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. Gone to the hermes store today. Finally, I've ordered not one but 2 birkins. A matte alligator orange birkin/ palladium hardware in size 30cm & braise porosus croc birkin/24kt gold hardware in size 35cm. Can't decide which color so order 2. Thxs ladies for all of your votes!! :amuse: :amuse: Have to wait for more than 2 years.
  2. Okay. Now, after looking at all of your posts, I find that ostrich leather seems beautiful. Do you think 2 croc bags are just too much?? Should I change braise porosus croc to ostrich leather??
  3. It depends what you like more, to give you some variety the ostrich might be good but if you had your heart set on two crocs stick to it! I personally love the croc! Depending on the color ostrich I'd go that way too though...hell get 3! ;)
  4. Ladies, pls vote!!! Look at the poll above.
  5. That color I'd have to go with the croc :biggrin:
  6. Braise Croc all the way!!! I will probably be kicked out of the PF for saying this, but I don't like Ostrich it looks kreepy like it has some kind of desease..:lol: Sorry Guys..:sad:
  7. ^^^to each their own, I loveee the speckles!!! :love:
  8. Can't found pics of braise ostrich birkin. So, decided to make use of an orange ostrich instead. So, imagine the orange ostrich is braise, which one is more gorgeous?

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  9. Orange croc birkin.

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  10. The braise ostrich would look like blood...only because I know about the whole feathers coming out of the holes thing. If you dont think about it, should be okay though. IMO the braise croc is nicer :biggrin:
  11. I agree with Noriko...:biggrin:
  12. hmmm......okay. I think I agree with all of you. Braise croc looks more beautiful than braise ostrich. So....I'm sticking with my order. This is my final decision. Thxs ladies.
  13. anytime, cant wait for the pics! :nuts:
  14. This site is awesome!!!! I can get quick help in just a matter of mins. Thxs ladies!!!! Love you all!!!
  15. That'll be more than 2 years later. Be patient, girls. :amuse:
Thread Status:
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