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  1. fuchsia , new medium in lamb

    i really love fuchsia, such a nice color, it's really hard to catch up the color, he is a naughty boy!!! but i am still struggling with the size, new or old medium???? ps , i am 169cm

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  2. I would go for the old medium, but since I'm 152 cm, the new medium simply would look too big on me... But I think you could rock the new medium size as well...
  3. Gorgeous bag! Love this look. You can't go wrong with either size.
  4. yep, but which size is the perfect one??
  5. #5 Apr 4, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2014

    i think the old medium is more chic, but considering the Practical, i chose new one, but, honestly, it looks a little big on me
  6. Love this on the boy! I love the new medium as it fits so much more, but if you are very petite may look a little big on you. Congrats!!

  7. thanks,

    height 169cm, and skinny

  8. the fuchsia on boy is more brighter than classic
  9. hm... Then I would go for old medium - I'm not the boy expert, can you fit in a lot more in the new than the old medium?

  10. i didn't try the old one so i am not sure the capacity, but the new one, absolutely fit a lot more!!!! I can easily put the wallet,keys, tissue,wet wipe, phone,hand cream etc inside it!That's what convinced me!
  11. I agree that's why I didn't get the classic. Not as bright as I wanted it to be. This one is very special-saw it in person!
  12. Gorgeous! You should pick the size that you're more comfortable with-look wise and capacity wise. I agree the new medium fits more, but if you feel self conscious with a larger bright colored bag which may limit how often you use it, then go with the smaller! You can just switch to a smaller wallet or card case if capacity is an issue. I think you can rock either one---it depends on which one YOU feel more comfortable with.
  13. LOVE these!! I vote old medium!
  14. Gorgeous fuchsia boy! :love:
  15. So pretty, love the colour! I cannot get over how different the colour looks depending on the lighting