1. I finally went balls out and bought the Stam Hobo from eLuxury:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: after so many bad experiences with fakes i finally decided to just go for it- the bag has been on my brain for months now.. This is definately my biggest purchase but without the tax and ****** 8% back I saved almost $200!!!!

    Thanks for everyone's help in the past with authenticating bags, opinions and whatnot. I'll post photos when it comes. I got the expidited shipping so hopefully it will be here by the end of the week!!:love:
  2. Lucky you! That's a great savings on a current season bag. Congratulations, I'm glad you took that first big step. Post pics when you receive it so we can enjoy too!
  3. Yay! congratulations and that discount is great! Hope to see pics soon.
  4. Congrats on the new bag! Enjoy it!
  5. Thanks!! And I'll be sure to show it off s soon as it comes!!!
  6. Congrats yes.please! I'm so glad you finally got the Stam Hobo, especially with a pretty good bargain! :yahoo:Can't wait to see pictures :yes: