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  1. I got home dropped my luggage and the first thing I did was head for the packaging...totally distracted I didn't take any pictures until my weekend out in London, so without further ado..My Bronze glitter Ron Rons!!!

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  2. Yay for fast reveals!!! :P But seriously, they are gorg, and look great on you. Congrats!
  3. They're gorgeous, anotherhandbag!
    Simply gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  4. Those are fabulous!! They look great on you!!
  5. Gorgeous!!!!
  6. Love them!
  7. Beautiful!
  8. anotherhandbag, your bronze glitter ron rons are simply beautiful!! Congrats!
  9. Thanks ladies! They were too big but I refused to send them back as they hadn't any more, I put suede heel grips in which worked a charm, however these beautiful shoes are cripplers!!!!! A couple were walking towards us as we waited for a taxi and HE was so busy looking at my shoes he walked right into the plant pot beside us!!!! I hope they just need breaking in!!
  10. They're beautiful-I love the color.
  11. Gorgeous AnotherHandbag! The glitter Ron Rons are one of my favorite pairs! And LOL at the couple who crashed after looking at your shoes. They are certainly worthy of it!
  12. Gorgeous! What a great color!
  13. :heart: beautiful!!
  14. beautiful & classic - well done :smile:
  15. i love ron rons!! i got the pink glitter ron rons and my shoes got all the attention on my boyfriend's birthday dinner!!! lol he was so jealous! too bad they didnt come out with his color in the US