1. I finally got my new camera (WOO!), so now I can go back to saving for purses, lol :shame:

    Anyways, my boyfriends camera was 2.1MP and my new camera is 6MP. I took some comparison pictures --

    Boyfriends camera --


    New camera --


    Anyone notice a difference in quality? I dont all that much. Oh well, I dont care because I just wanted a camera of my own and this will do. Plus its small and cute whereas my boyfriends was big, clunky, and ugly :P
  2. Well, your new camera looks a little darker. Once one surpasses 4 megapixels, it doesn't matter at all whether it's 4.1 or 8.0. Quality remains the same. Hehe
  3. Congrats on your camera :smile: Ooh yay back to saving for purses! Oh and in the hangtag you can see more detail with your camera :biggrin:
  4. Thanks girls!

    elli -- true!
  5. Congrats on the new camera. I can't tell the differnece either:shame:.
  6. congrats! Now you need a camera bag ;)
  7. Congrats! I see a slight difference in your watermark, but the actual picture no.
  8. LOL Yep! Actually, the beauty case in the pictures is what I'm using as my camera bag now, but I could always use more :P
  9. Yay congrats!!! I've been meaning to go and splurge on electronics sometime (like pick up one of the new ipod nanos or something LOL) but I keep getting distracted by purses.. and now jeans! :Push:
  10. well.. the pixels will only make a difference if you are printing the picture out... your monitor can only see up to a certain number of pixels, Mac = 72 dpi and PC = 96 dpi... so it doesn't matter how many million of pixels your pictures have, it won't make a difference on the monitor...

    however, when you print the pictures out, pixels do matter... just think of the pixels like the grains for film... the more "grains" and the finer the "grains", the better the pictures look and offer more details... anyway! that's getting into too much...

    Congrats on your new camera :smile:
  11. Great purchase! Now back to bags is right! You can take pic's of them place them on your desktop and dream lol
  12. Well that kind of sucks seeing as I havent been printing pictures out too often, just taking them. On the camera screen, not the computer screen though, I can tell a difference. The pictures are much more detailed and fine, but youre right once they hit the computer screen it gets a little phased ;)

    Either way, my new camera doesnt take very clear up close shots of smaller text which makes me sad :sad:
  13. OMG i just got a camera too, bday present, the SONY cyber shot DSC-T9.. i dont know much about the new cameras because i was okay with my other one, but since recieving this im going to send my other to my brother. excited because this means that that suede wristlet i have had my eye on can go with my bag and i can use another for the camera since its slim. congrats!! may you have MANY bags to take pictures off!!
  14. Yay! Getting your own camera is definitely a plus:jammin:
  15. yaaaay!! now that u got that out of your list ;) .. lets talk bags again!! :yahoo:
    congraaaaaaats :flowers: