1. After months of searching and deciding which color and size .. I've finally found "the one" .. introducing Ms. Bolide! :yahoo:She's a 37cm BJ Mou with PH. I just LOVE her! I think that my collection is complete! (Yeah right!)

  2. She's gorgeous, and the very one I would pick for myself too, if I was to get a Bolide. Congrats... great choice.
  3. congrats! its fabulous:tup:
  4. oooh, congrats! blue jean is one of my favs! so soft looking! enjoy!
  5. Dear Ms. BW1:

    WHO said BJ is fading, she is GORGEOUS!!!


    Ps. H is addicted, are you sure you'll stop?! Maybe just for time-being, right :graucho:
  6. Congratulations, she is gorgeous! That pointu looks lovely on her, and I've never seen that color scheme for it before!
  7. What a nice colour . I love the bolide
  8. Gorgeous - congrats!!
  9. That's beautiful!!!
  10. Truly amazing!! Congrats & Enjoy!!
  11. well, how pretty is that! i fall more in love with the bolide every time i see one :smile:

    you must post modeling pics!!
  12. Absolutely stunning!!:drool:
  13. Absolutely gorgeous, B! She is truly a beauty -

  14. STUNNING!!! I LOVE BJ!:love: Such great color! CONGRATS!!!
  15. Lovely! Congrats!