Dec 13, 2011
So I have been in search of a pink Evelyne for YEARS. I love my Birkins and Kelly, but always reach for my Evies when I’m on the move. After asking in Cannes,Avignon, Lyon, St Tropez, Nice, Paris (x3), Taipei, Shanghai, KOP- “ so sorry- no pinks now”, DH and I did our usual Christmas visit to Madison. We found a new amazing SA, who sold me my dream scarf, and asked “ is there anything else?” DH told him that I have dragged him into every Hermès we have seen, and could he PLEASE find me a pink Evelyne? He said “I think I can!”

Long story short- this is my Christmas surprise, shipped to Park City (tax-free). IMG_2780.jpg
What a great Christmas story and thank you for the immediate reveal.

I'm not sure if your DH was able to buy it without you knowing so it was a real surprise.
Or was the surprise that you were unexpectedly offered what you had been searching.
Either way I'm sure it's given a lot of people pleasure to share it with you.
Thank you.
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