FINALLY went to LV last night!

  1. I saw the new ivory pieces...I had the Ivory Alma in my hand, and I almost bought it, but I wished that it was alittle bigger. :sad:Then I saw the Dune Mini Lin Speedy, which was GORGEOUS, but I know that I would get the bottom and the corners of that soooo dirty...:sad:I also checked out the Damier Zippy Organizer, which is def. on my "to buy" list now!!!Just thought I would share...Jarred helped me, and he was as sweet as usual!! :smile:
  2. The ivory epi sounds delicious but I am with you , I might totally ruin the bottom of the bag (if not the whole bag itself)
  3. I know isnt the dune tdf! i have a 19 month old so its a no-no for me :sad: its certainly an 'ocassional bag'
  4. Thanks for the info, Nicole. I'm planning to make a trip to LV today. I want to see all the new goodies!
  5. It is such a shame bc the Dune is soooo beautiful.If I *had* to get one, I would get the Epi Ivory bc at least the leather could be wiped down if it got dirty...not sure how you could really clean the dune fabric :sad:
  6. No problem!!! :smile:Let us know how your trip to LV goes!
  7. Can't wait to see all of the new stuff soon!
  8. I think the Epi leather wouldn't get dirty easily. I got my yellow alma which is a 9 year old bag. It didn't get any major dirty and stain on the bottom of the bag. I was surprised that the leather is in a such great condition. The ivory epi is TDF, so no worry IMO.;)
  9. I love the Ivory Epi, I'm considering getting something in that color eventually.
    The Dune mini lin is nice but that's an accident waiting to happen, IMO. It's so light and just asking to get big dirt streaks on it.
  10. I saw the epi ivoire in the passy style today...i'm not sure i'm totally sold on the color, i did put my name down for the speedy 25 though. My favorite epi color by far has got to be the mandarin and I don't have any pieces in this color! =(
  11. I think I may take a trip after work tomorrow to Saks- I really want to see the color IRL now
  12. ITA. Fashion has to be practical.
  13. WHy is it all the pretty peices are the ones we fear destroying? :s
  14. Ya.
  15. i love love the new ivory line. I want the speedy or alma, just wondering as its white, how dirty it wil look like down the road. sure is gorgeous.