Finally, visual confirmation!

  1. Yes, Virginia, there IS a bag collection!

    Pic 1: The LV family. Eole 50, Manhattan GM, mono 35, MC 30, Mirage 30 (noir), Cerises 25, MC PTI


    Pic 2: "Miscellaneous": Bulga large tote, Kooba Carla, Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag, Michael Kors Rehearsal


    Pic 3: Close up: Kors Rehearsal in python

    Pic 4: Close up: Chloe Silverado Doctor Bag in chocolate python


    Pic 5: The Jimmy Choo collection! Ramona biker leather with shoe collection

  2. [​IMG]
  3. And another group photo...

  4. ....ok, in all seriousness, I PROMISE I am going to get better about flipping my pics to right side up...eventually. Until then, I recommend lying on your side for best viewing :smile:
  5. Beautiful collection! I really love your cherry blossom wallet and your Cerises 25! :smile:
  6. What sort of speedy is that in the last photo? I've never seen a speedy with rolled handle (holders?) like that :smile:
  7. Ooh lovely! I love the mirage!
  8. Awesome collection ... love all your speedy's! Thank for sharing!
  9. ohhhhhhhhhh love the shoes
  10. Gorgeous LV's, especially the CB and Cerises and also the MC Speedy and wallet. :smile:
  11. It's the Mirage Speedy 30 in noir; the same bag also came in burgundy. It was LE and REALLY hard to find. I practically had to ninja-fight two other women to get it! At this point it's the one I've been wearing the most often lately.
  12. Super collection!!! Especially loving the Manhattan and the Mirage Speedy!!!
  13. Great collection--love the pics
  14. Love your collection especially your Noir speedy!!
  15. love the Chloe Dr. Bag!