finally venturing into miu miu - coffer - metalic linen

  1. i finally bought myself a miu miu (styledrops), after 11 years of prada (still). i am now getting a bit nervous...

    any of you had any experience with metalic leathers in miu miu? peelings? rubbing-off the metalic?

    i like the look of the leather, but in hot humid weather, it is very hard to have leather under your arm... (can you imagine patented leather?). i found myself carrying my leather bags by hand all the time (not on shoulder).

    i was considering the silver leather coffer for awhile (not one with the new quilt), disregarding my own logic about leather in hot and humid weather, but came accross the linen.

    any thoughts about the metalic leather and the linen coffer?
  2. will post pic once i get it. at the mean time, can i get your thoughts?