Finally using a Marcie

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  1. #1 Apr 10, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
    Finally made up my mind about this bag and actually kept it. I bought one almost exactly a year ago, looked at it and sold it. I was sure i wouldnt get on with the rolled handles - WRONG !! not as awkward as i thought to carry and light compared to Paraty. I obviously wasnt ready for her a year ago but i took the plunge again recently and bought the Marcie purse along with it. Right now they are my best friends :smile:

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  2. Argh..... I can't see your pictures and was so looking forward to your reveals!!!!
  3. Oh Geddes, they are fab!

    I missed out on the purse, they are stunning together
  4. Thank you :smile: its been a long time since ive been really happy / pleased/ couldnt wait to use a bag and im not a matchy matchy person but couldnt not have the purse !.
  5. Here is the other purse.....Magnolia Marcie and much nicer colour in real life.

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  6. I jumped in and bought a different purse, but it's huge and won't be staying and couldn't justify another one as I currently have 2 purses and 1 bag and 2 keyrings all unused

    I'm glad you are pleased as we are so alike with making our minds up..... Or not!
  7. I thought you'd bought a pink one too, mines street blue, but zip around
  8. You're not keeping the Mulberry continental one ? I think all the mini Marcie needs is a small change purse really as i couldnt fight everytime to get a purse in and out of it. My black Marcie purse is about 2cm smaller in width than the Mulberry continental ( but is a bit thicker).
    Ive bought the Marcie bag and pink purse before and not kept either but this time i know the bag is staying, pink purse hasnt had use yet ! i thought that would look nice in my Motty Grey cross body Marcie but we will see :graucho:
  9. I've got a Cara khaki camo zip around, black grainy print French, Daria small zip around coin purse and slim tree purse in Oxblood, somehow I managed to pick up this.... Don't want to steal your thread but here she is as not sure what style it's called but close to continental I think.

    similar to slate blue Too or maybe regal blue


    Your purse is lovely, but how many purses do we need?
  10. Shes lovely and steal away all reveals welcome :smile: I do like the Chloe blue (s). I had a Factory Blue cross body Marcie last year for 5 mins :smile:. I think we grab Chloe when we have the chance, especially when we find it a great prices because you dont see it in its entirety in many places. Selfridges only had the oxblood purse like my pink one last time i looked.
    I agree about how many purses do we need but i did need a french purse size one and dont really like the Mulberry ones or more specifically the leather. The pink will cover the summer should we get one and my Mulberry envelope one works well with Paraty in my avatar so no more for me - yet.
    I would hold on to that blue Marice one if i were you !
  11. I love them all!! Need to log out of TPF and never come back. Lmao

  12. lol, my self bans usually only last a few weeks and then I'm back

  13. Hmmm, except none of my purses have any cash in them 🤔 I have a debit and a credit card and old receipts, the occasional fiver and that's it

    Maybe will keep it, it was a bargain after all
  14. Exactly, thats why the flat envelope purse is good because no one can see you've nothing in it !
  15. Congrats on your Marcies! the same thing happened to me - I started with crossbody Marcie bec I wasn't sure about rolled handles but this style grew on me and now I have several of them. So addictive LOL