Finally used my plum belted ergo today!

  1. Its sooo pretty. Im so happy I decided to keep it. Thanks to my daughter for taking the photo for me (hence the lime green wall in the background!)
    ergo smallest.JPG
  2. ohh good! i think i remembering telling you to keep it! im glad youre happy with it- it really is gorggggg!
  3. Oooooooh, I've been eyeing this plum belted Ergo on the website but I haven't tried it on yet... The large one just looked huge on display.
  4. Thanks! I originally purchased the small one, but it was just a little too small, so I returned it for the medium. It is SO comfortable - once you put your things in it, it adds just the right amount of weight to keep it right where you want it on your shoulder.
  5. I am so glad that you are enjoying carrying your bag. It looks great with your initials!
    That plum color is gorgeous!
  6. Thanks! Those initials are for my children - I now have them in both the silver-hardware and the gold-hardware and they will be on every bag that I carry!! A wonderful idea that I got from one of the tPf ladies - not sure who posted that she had her childrens initials, but I definitely copied!!!
  7. It's a beautiful bag! I love the plum and the hardware on it!
  8. Ohhhh very nice! :tup:
  9. Oh it's soooo pretty! It looks great w/ all of it's accessories!!!
  10. Very pretty!
  11. Beautiful bag! Congrats on that purchase!
  12. ME???? LOLOL.... I have them as well in BOTH the brass and nickel hardware so that I can always carry my children's initials w/ me!!!!!!!!!!! Your ergo looks great and so do your charms!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  13. Nice! Love the scarf.
  14. Beautiful! I love the scarf on it!:tup:
  15. Looks great !