Finally used my braccialetto!

  1. haha and I didn't use it as a braccialetto!

    I just wanted to point this out because I don't know if anyone else has tried it but it's like perfect size for your pocket! I took the big zipper pulls off my braccialetto this morning and decided to put some of my cards inside of it.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They fit perfectly when it's flat the other side looks "right" too. It's smaller than a denaro so it's perfect if the denaro is too big for some things. The only thing is you have to unsnap the bracelet in order to get the cards out (so the zipper can go all the way down)

    so if you want to get one and don't know what to use it for it's an idea!
  2. Interesting use!
  3. Hmm. . .That seems like a good idea. I got an amore braccialetto and debated selling it because I wasn't sure if I'd use it.
  4. Whiskers! where did u get your avatar??? is it from the amore print? i saw the print but i dont remember him proposing?? i'm getting married next week! i will buy anything with that!!
  5. Hey i like that Tehlilone. If I ever get one, that's prolly how'll I'll use it. It won't look right on me as a cuff. LOL..
  6. lol yeah. I can pull it off but I don't usually wear cuffs. It's like prefect wallet size if all you carry are cards and a little cash. I had a midterm and took my IDs and atm card with me but I didn't want to take my denaro since it doesn't really fit in my pocket :p so yupp an excuse to get the cheaper braccialettos!
  7. i'm going to try it tonight. thanks for the idea tehlilone.
  8. hmm that sounds interesting :biggrin: those are nice and cheap too...maybe i'll get one...........later though haha.

  9. My bf drew that for me. He is a pretty good sketch artist, so he drew that for me and sent it. If you want, I can see if he can send a better scan of his sketching to you.
  10. awww! would you mind? i love it! can i send you a private message? thank you!!
  11. Go ahead and give me an email to send the photo too (it is a big file I think, I had to compress it to post it before). I'll let my bf know.
  12. Would someone with a bracialetto mind posting a picture of them wearing it on their wrist?