Finally uploaded pics of my stuff! Enjoy

  1. LV and some Hermès stuff.

    Planning on buying the geant loup, epi cannelle billfoldcoin wallet, sirius 70, ... more to come :yes:

    Sorry I couldn't upload the pics because they were too big ...:crybaby:


    Ps: Has anyone here bought the Tribute Patchwork bag? I like it ...
  2. OOh, those are some nice stuff:drool:
  3. niiice
  4. they're pretty! thanks for posting ;)
  5. nice!! I like the Panda too! It's so cute!
  6. Wow def impressive H and LV collection.
  7. great loot =)
  8. Nice collection!:queen:

    I noticed your pics are called hermesvuittonenmijnkamer? May I ask where you're from?
  9. great collection ~ i think all the tribute bags are sold out xx
  10. In case no one's noticed: this dude is sofa king banned. :banned:
  11. Lovely Collection!!!
  12. Looks awesome! I love the Dentelle Ludlow! : )
  13. :wtf: :wtf:
  14. congrats!
  15. Lovely Collection. Enjoy.