Finally, unveiling my Online Sale Purchase...

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  1. Yes, finally had time to take some pics of my latest Mulberry addition!

    Introducing my Oversized Maggie Clutch in black creased leather:smile: The size is huge and design simple and neutral to pass off as a man's clutch. Love the light-weight creased leather with cracked patent leather accents. The 'Maggie' gunmetal coloured buckle is very complimentary to the black and not as loud as Bayswater's.

    For ladies, there is a shoulder strap to turn it into a shoulder bag. But I will stick to the clutch format:smile:;) Love the slouchy look of the clutch when held.

    Perfect for attending parties. Modelling pics to come soon!


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  2. Love it! Congrats!
  3. Ooh, now that is smart. Great choice. Can't wait for you to wow us with your modelling pics.
  4. Just took the modelling pics:-P

    Black and white and jeans. :graucho:

    The clutch size is right for a's big! Almost like carrying a laptop bag:-P


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  5. it's a lot bigger than the first pics make it out to be and it looks HOT on you!! Congrats on your new purchase!!
  6. Congrats! Gorgeous clutch & so unique and looks great on you !! HOT !!
  7. You look brilliant with that bag AS ALWAYS!

    I almost bought one during the Sale Preview and seeing your photos now, I wish that I had done so.
  8. congrats!! looks great on you!!
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. The clutch looks fab on you Kevin! Congrats!
  11. Wow, never imagined that clutch could look so HOT
  12. That looks GREAT! I saw one in Manchester Harvey Nicks on Friday and was sorely tempted
  13. Thanks ladies:smile: The clutch is really fabulous when you see it in person:smile: and when worn right, could be interesting:smile: Glad you guys like what I did:smile:

    The maggie clutch is not as iconic in design as Bayswater, so you can easily transform the look to make it look different with your dressing. Bayswater clutch is very nice but the design is very identifiable as Mulberry. Hence you will be more restrained in the styling. The maggie clutch however is more it will be more versatile:smile: and it's it goes with almost anything!

    And Jenova, there are still quite a few left online! Not too late yet!

  14. TBH, I think I prefer this one to the black Bays clutch - I say a plain one in Cheshire Oaks and it just looked quite uninteresting - I think the Bays clutch works better in the coloured, more varied leathers. I like the edginess of yours, esp the black cracked trim.
  15. yes, I agree too! The coloured ones are indeed more outstanding!:smile::smile: