FINALLY tracked these suckers down!

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  1. My Chanel logo crystal earrings! the largest size, whatever it is lol Took over four months to find them, but the wait was well worth it because I got the new packaging! It doesn't come with a mini dust bag, comes with a really nice suede-ish box like protector thingy lol I don't know how to explain it :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392944407.012602.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392944423.399667.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392944440.886836.jpg
  2. Congrats on finding your long sought after earrings; they really are so pretty and the packaging is really a nice upgrade.
  3. Thank you Tutu!!!
  4. Beautiful earrings. They are subtle but classic, definitely a must. Enjoy your beautiful sparklies.
  5. Congrats to you! Your patience paid off!!
  6. Congrats :smile: enjoy them !!!
  7. Congrats! Love the earrings and new packaging!
  8. Congrats on finally getting those beautiful earrings!
  9. Congrats and enjoy them! They're lovely!
  10. Yay!!! Very beautiful and worth the wait. Congrats!
  11. Could you please give me the measurements of the earrings? I have hot the same pair but i sm not sure if mine are the medium or the large..

    Thankyou so much!
  12. Beautiful earrings, so elegant! : ))
  13. Congrats, it took me 6 mths!!
  14. Congrats!!!
    These earrings are gorgeous!!!
  15. That's so pretty ! Congratulations and the packaging look so lush!