finally took the plunge on a miu miu!

  1. i've been reading threads from this forum for a couple of months now...been always interested in miu miu bags but never had the courage to buy one for some reason...wasn't sure of the brand i guess!

    this will be my first miu miu ever!

    i have 2 fav bags from miu miu:
    1) bow satchel (off white, small size)..probably like everyone else..
    2) croc stamped patent bowling bag in white..

    i was at Saks the other day and saw someone return the bow satchel :wtf: (1 dusty pink and 1 off white)...but the white one, which is the one i like, has its bows curling outwards..which i know will annoy me down the line..and i wasn't ready to buy a bag then.. (south coast plaza Saks fifth)

    just happened to find the croc stamped patent bowling bag (white) from an online retailer and it was on sale, so i took the plunge! :graucho:

    i tried a search and didn't find much about the well is the bag liked? im not sure if the printed croc pattern will be too much...but i find the plain leather one too..plain. :p how popular is the style?

    i know i still have time to return if i don't like the bag..!

    thanks for reading! :tup:
  2. Congratulations! I don't have any input no the patent bowler but please post pics when you have it. You're right that there isn't much on Miu Miu styles other than the bow satchel and the coffer. I just recently purchased in Hong Kong what I believe is the St. Cocco in a croc-print taupe. I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  3. Congrats! post pics when you can so we can all see!