Finally Took Pictures of my Aqua!!!!

  1. After much time trying to find my camera (1 week!) I finally found it and took pictures of my Aqua City. I LOVE IT!!!!! And yes it was my first bbag!! I always thought I'd get a black or brown first but when I saw all the aqua pics, it was just LOVE. And yes I still have not removed the tag, haven't used it yet and I have had it for almost 2 weeks!!! Waiting for my trip to palm springs to take it out!!!
    Three are with flash one is in natural light. I love the color sooooo much!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Thanks to all the aqua mommies who posted their pics!!!
    100_0503.jpg 100_0494.jpg 100_0498.jpg natural3.jpg
  2. It's beautiful:drool: :drool:
  3. Wow! It's gorgeous. Congrats.
  4. :drool: I am in AWE! That is such a beautiful bag!!!!
  5. Very pretty. Enjoy it.:yahoo:
  6. WOW! I love the color on yours! CONGRATS and now you are apart of the Aqua Club!!:yahoo:
  7. It's gorgeous congrats
  9. very nice. congrats!
    I'm just like you... got my first b-bag and it's in aqua cuz I LOVED the color - decided to skip being "safe" with a neutral!!

    ENJOY the bag and your trip!! You'll get lots of attention in Palm Springs!!
  11. Congrats it's bright and beautiful! Where did you purchase it from? Enjoy it and have fun on your trip!
  12. :heart: Welcome to the club and congratulations on a beautiful bag! Great choice! Thanks for sharing!