Finally took pics of my Jimmy Choo sandals!

  1. :wlae:
    I know these got mixed reviews but I really like them and definitely keeping them~!
    Here they are!
    jimmy_choo1.jpg jimmy_choo2.jpg jimmy_choo3.jpg jimmy_choo4.jpg jimmy_choo5.jpg
  2. those are divine! :smile:
  3. Thanks blackbird, I had so many second thoughts right after I ordered them. But when I got them I really loved them.
  4. Mixed reviews??? I can't imagine someone not liking them. They're fabulous!!! Congrats!!!
  5. They are beautiful (mixed reviews??) I love them!
  6. I love those shoes, i don't know why they got mixed reviews cos they are gorgeous!
  7. gorgeous! also love your polish, great color.
  8. :smile:very pretty
  9. They look great! I'm so glad you decided to keep them. I told you they were awesome in person. :smile:
  10. The important thing is that you like them and they are comfortable. I think they are cute. Enjoy!
  11. very nice! are they 2 or 3 inch heels?
  12. Shoelover & Sunshine - yes they got really mixed reviews because some thought the heels were too thick. They are not thick in person, they're just not stiletto heels.

    ash - yes thanks for your support! As soon as I opened the box I knew they were keepers! My bf loved them and he rarely notices things like these. :p

    laksalala - they are about 3 1/2 inch heels.
  13. They are gorgeous!! I love them on with that nail polish.
  14. I like them! I'm glad you're keeping them, they are pretty!
  15. Oohhh they're very pretty!
    Like them very's very classy!
    You can dress it down or up..looks so versatile..