Finally took out my karung knot

  1. So as you may know, I purchased the karung knot clutch in Ferro not too long ago. I had been DYING to take it out, putting it on display behind my bag shelf window in my bedroom and just wondering when that day would be. I even arranged for a double dinner date with a good friend at a restaurant to create an occasion (well and good food too!). That got postponed.

    Well, yesterday finally the knot got its debut at a wedding in Santa Monica. I loved her! She was a little hard to sit in front of on the chair due to the boxy shape, but comfortable to carry and impossible to lose. Got compliments as well. Many people aren't familiar with BV, and I really like that.

    I couldn't carry much, though. I have a smart PDA phone, and after putting that in, it was just my credit cards and lipstick. Eyeliner was too long to fit, and definitely after putting my phone in, a compact would not fit either. It was still lovely though to carry - no matter what I was wearing, I felt like a princess!
  2. aw stories like these make me want one too (insert whiny voice here :hysteric:)

    seriously though, how special :love: I love that you even scheduled a dinner to have a reason to take it out, I would so do something like that!

    can I ask why you needed to sit in front of it on the chair? were you not wanting to put it on the table and risk something spilling? I'll usually just put a clutch on my lap and then the napkin goes over it.
  3. I've got a knot clutch on hold at the SF BV and I'm having problems pulling the trigger. Keep talking about how much you love yours, it will help!!!

    congrats! I bet it looks amazing in ferro.
  4. Lovely Bunkie. Would be nice if you have some photos to show too. ;)

    doubtfulguest, which Knot have gotten you on hold? Spill! :p
  5. Sounds lovely! I'm glad you mentioned what you could fit in the knot, I always wondered about it's functionality as an evening bag.
  6. Bunkie, happy for you that you enjoyed your first date with the Knot.... thanks for sharing the juicy details! I consider the Knot the ultimate in evening(formal) bags. I had the good fortune to see and feel the satin Knot in the boutique yesterday.... and yes, it's still the ultimate clutch to possess..... feels so deliciously heavy in one's hands. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me, perhaps), I do not have many formal/dressy occasions to use one so at this moment, I'm just a bystander, admiring all of your beautiful Knots.

    Wishing you, many many more dates with your Knot!
  7. Ohhh your debut for the karung knot sounds perfect! I just purchased one this weekend through Saks F&F and can't wait for her to arrive. :love:
  8. Thanks guys, for your generous words. doubtfulguest, yes please do share, which are you holding? I feel that you can own one of these forever, and then even pass them on because they are so lovely! mundodabolsa, precisely that - I was afraid of something spilling. Also, I'm not sure about others, but my clutch does not stand solid - it stands, but kind of unstable. I suppose I could have lied it flat, but it would have taken up too much table space - and, yes, the dangers of fluids and such! I would have seriously cried.
  9. a wedding debut for your beautiful karung knot...sounds lovely bunkie! any pics?

    doubtfulguest and mystilleto - more knot clutches, please do share...yummy!:love:
  10. Yayayayay! You all are helping me get excited! The deal I am getting is just too hard to pass up. Now the question is: do I wrap it for xmas since that's what it's supposed to be for?? Or do I play with it now and bring it to holiday parties?!?!
  11. doubtful guest,

    christmas is still such a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go.....hehehehe
  12. ^ Gorgeous Knot, doubtfulguest. The purple would be fabulous for the yuletide season. Tough question indeed. You could do both - bring it out for the parties now and have it wrapped up and under the tree on the eve ready to be opened on Christmas morning! ;)
  13. Congrats! Is this the one that was floating around on eBay? I was eyeing it but couldn't justify my fourth knot clutch. Can't wait to see your action pics and definitely bring her out asap as she deserves to shine :tup:
  14. Mystiletto, your FOURTH? How about a knot family pic of all three yummy ones together? For the rest of us to drool over... :tender:
  15. Once I receive my brass karung knot, I'll be happy to oblige :yes: I am :drool: over your ferro one! :heart: