Finally took a "Tour" of Hermès Wall Street today!

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  1. I'd been meaning to visit the H store on Wall Street, thanks to the suggestions from our lovely tPFers.
    I found a wonderful SA named Aleksey, who helped me pick out a pair of twilly for my new Menthe Bolide!
    He was very helpful, and offered me CDCs as well, but I had to pass this time.
    And I couldn't resist the power of the KDTs calling for me, so I had to bring one home with me!

    The twillys are Collier de Chien in the emerald/fuschia/mauve colorway, and the KDT is in Barenia leather with GHW!
    All in all, it was a very wonderful trip to (my now favorite) H boutique!

  2. I love the CDC twillys look with your menthe bolide!!! It's truly a beautiful colour! And is that a pic of your KDT on your baby's arm? Hee hee.

  3. Thank you, arlv8500! And yes, it is a pic of my LO wearing the KDT! ;) She loved it on her arm hahaha
  4. Heehee, getting her acquainted with H at a very young age. :graucho:

    By the way, is your bolide Togo or clemence?

  5. Yes! lol :smile: and my Bolide is Clemence!
  6. lovely purchases!
  7. great goodies! loove your twillies with your bolide!
  8. Congrats, love it!!
  9. Nice!!! I've always heard wonderful stories about Wall Street. I wish I lived closer to NY so I could shop there instead!
  10. Beautiful purchases
  11. Glad your tour ended with a haul.
  12. Everything looks fabulous! :biggrin: Glad you found a new favourite store.
  13. Perfect twillies for your Bolide Menthe!
  14. Wall Street has been good for you! Beautiful twillies, not to mention yourbarenia!
  15. Congrats! It's my favorite H boutique too!