Finally to see the light!

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  1. I'm taking my GM out today. Haven't really used it yet.
    (I know, I know. How awful!) :crybaby:

    Infact, she's hardly left her dustbag.
    So she'll be seeing the light.

    ...But in a few days, she can sheild her eyes!

    MY NEW FUCHSIA BINDIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    I ordered them yesterday from 866 Vuitton. :smile:
    They can't get picked up from LV until monday because Fedex doesnt pick up on weekends, I should have them by tuesday. CANT WAIT. I've tried on soooo many sunglasses, even these :
    ...and uhm, I actually loved them. (Don't laugh)

    But I needed to get the Bindis. I've never seen them in Fuchsia, so I hope they look good. But the black looked too dark, and I thought the Brown looked too plain on me. But the style was exactly what I wanted. :yahoo:

    Sadly, I don't think I'll be keeping my GM, Even though I love her to death. Just too much money for me to be keeping. :crybaby:
    But maybe after today, my mind will change :P
  2. You will love the bindis! I love my black one's!
  3. those fushia glasses are hot
  4. Pardon my ignorance, but what is GM referring to? :sweatdrop:

    PS- those glasses are sooo pretty. I'm sure they'll look wonderful on you!
  5. What GM are you referring too???
  6. congrats on your sunnies! Could you post modeling pics of them when you get them i have been interested in them for awhile!

  7. Oops!!
    So sorry, I call it the GM.
    But it's the STRATUS GM :smile:
  8. I'm confused... you're going to return the GM after using it? :confused1:
  9. No no no!
    I might sell it on ebay.
    Once I used it, I'd never take it back as new.

    I really did enjoy my outing today with it.. So I might keep it :drool:
    I understand why I loved it so much.
  10. LOL, omg, ok.. you were scaring me.
    Those fushia bindis are HOT btw, please please post modeling pics when you get them!
  11. Do people actually use them and then take them back?:wtf:
    What if you bought one over the phone, and it was used!! :cursing:

    Anyways, don't mind the little rant, I buy mine over the phone when they're LE. The whole thought of getting a used one scares me.

    I would LOVE to do modeling pics with them for everyone. I'm praying they come before Friday because I have to leave for Nashville on Saturday morning. I want to wear them to the CMA Music Fest with my new dress.
    But the SA told me that they're coming from the factory, because the US doesn't have any, or something. (I bought them over the phone, by the way)

    Are they a new color? or are they so old nobody has them? :rolleyes:
  12. Congrats...
  13. I've never heard of Fushia bindis... how did you find out about them?

    I'm sure people have returned used bags.. pretty terrible. There have been some posts about people doing it on tPF in the past. Tacky.

  14. I saw them on Elux.
    Couldn't help myself!

    I've never seen them in person, though.
  15. there cute - congrats!