Finally! They're Here!!!!

  1. I'm afraid to take them out of the box. I probably never will. I didn't realize they'd be this cute!!!! :wlae:

  2. Aren't they TDF? :drool:
    I :heart: mine too!!
  3. Oooo:huh:Ooo very cute! I have to buy my mom these.
  4. So cute!:okay: I asked for them for my b-day from my dh. *crosses fingers* hoping he got them for me! They are darling!!!
  5. I don't know if these boxes are the same but for my mozzarella and SANDy toys, I can open the box easily on the bottom and slide them out so I can play/take pictures of them.

    Then when I'm done, just put them back in their plastic bed and slide them back up into the box and voila!, like brand new and never opened.
  6. ooh those are cuute!! :biggrin: congrats knasarae!!
  7. I got mine from Quiet storms. Is that were you got them? I was amazed about this store's fast shipping.
  8. so cute!
  9. love em- I have not gotten mine yet- congrats on the new addition to your toki family!
  10. No whiskers, I got mine from Panik's Toy Box.

    Arisu, I haven't taken mine out yet, cause I just haven't had the time, but I plan to this weekend!

    Funny Side Story: So my boyfriend thinks I'm a complete dork for my Toki obsession..well most of my friends think I'm a dork for a variety of reasons. I prefer the term "nerd" but whatever. So before Adios and Ciao Ciao I had my Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Edition action figures up in the living room. I had Darth Tator on one cabinet, a Spud Trooper on the other and R-2 Potatoo in the middle on the television.
    So when I first showed him Adios/Ciao Ciao...he said "hmmm, those are interesting" <--translation "I like them but I'll never admit it". Then he suggested I put them on the tv, one on each side of R-2 Potatoo!! I was like who are you??? I might leave them there....or I might put them on the window ledge that joins the kitchen and living room where I currently keep my classic Coke bottles that I got from the World Of Coca-Cola (I'm also a Coke addict, lol)
  11. If Adios&Ciao Ciao join R-2 on the TV, then the Classic Coke bottles you have could flank the coca-cola tokitoki trexi (that you don't have yet) on the window ledge. :biggrin:
  12. :yahoo:I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE YOU!!!!!!! :yahoo: I just bought it!!!! Tokidoki AND Coca Cola? I think I'm going to faint!!! I'm so impatient...waiting for them to come from Singapore is going to kill me :crybaby: but I'll be sure to post pics once I have it!

    ...I hope this isn't going to lead to an obsession with vinyl toys? :cursing:
  13. Very cute.
  14. I'm kinda bummed. If I'd done a search on eBay before I purchased I could've saved myself $10.
  15. hehehehe :biggrin:
    I've been staring at that Trexi every time I see one on eBay. I'm trying to hold off on getting more toys, but that's definitely a cute one. One of those went for $81.00 @auction recently!! Definitely post pics!
    I :heart:vinyls.

    OH NO!! I'm sorry; I didn't see that cheaper one or I'd have posted that link instead. :sad: