Finally they arrived!

  1. Finally my new bags arrived this afternoon. I am very excited to finally get my damier sophie and mirror lockit. They are absolutely gorgeous! The 3rd bag, damier olav pm, is for DH. Will see if he likes it or not when he gets home. :p

    I haven't seen anyone with mirror lockit out there in my town. I am kind of afraid to take it out. Has anyone done it? What kind of responses do you get from people? Do you get lots of looks? ;)
    IMG_2368.jpg IMG_2365.jpg IMG_2366.jpg
  2. Congratulations, beautiful bags! I wish I could get a miroir lockit (without going to eBay hehe). I heard that twinkle tink gets people staring at her when she uses her lockits, but how can you not expect that - it's SUCH a stunning bag. Use it with confidence!
  3. Congrats! Enjoy your new purchases!
  4. some will literally follow you to admire your me, attention you get with the's unbelivable lol
    enjoy~~ :wlae:
  5. Wow!! They are beautiful! I only saw magazine with photos that celebrities in HongKong carring the silver mirrors.
  6. Wow, beautiful purchases!

  7. the sophie is such a baby !! congrats... very nice purchases
  8. Wow... congrats!!!

    I still haven't use my Miroir Lockit yet...but I think it will definitely draw attention.

    (I live in a town where I rarely see people with LV.)
  9. congrats on your beautiful new bags!!!~
  10. Congrats! I love the Damier Sophie!
  11. Thanks everyone! :flowers:

    The more I look at Mirror Lockit, the more I like it. It is such a stunning bag. I am going to keep it in a box for a while...I think. It will be my special occasion bag, along with my black MC Alma.

    BTW, how much is Mirror Lockit in the mainland? I bought it from Hawaii store and it costs $1540. Just wondering... Thanks!
  12. The lockit and Sophie are beautiful! You're so lucky to have those bags. Both are stunning!!
  13. Congrats! There all gorgeous!

    I used my gold lockit for the first time this week and on the monday it didnt get much attention. Only from the girl in one of the shops I went to. She even rubbed it for luck! LOL
    Then on tues went to manchester where she got more attention, but that prob had something to do with the fact that both me and Brenda were carrying a miroir lockit!
  14. Beautiful! love the damier sophie...Enjoy your new darlings!
  15. congrats !