Finally, the Precious is mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I'm so happy:yahoo: the Precious is here !!!

    :heart: Thank you so much First :heart:

    You've found the PERFECT Grenat Work for me !!!
    So gorgeous:tender: !!!

    The leather is thick, matte (only shines with flash)
    and the colour:love:

    Now this bag is my favourite forever : she has a such beautiful story !!
    And I also would like to thank the GRENAT FELLOWSHIP:love: :

    l_b, Tanja, Cal, Kittie,Roo :tender: !!!​

    I:heart: girls
    Work Grenat  F06.jpg Work Grenat 2 F06.jpg Work Grenat 3 F06.jpg
  2. Oh, congratlations!!! She is soooooo amazingly gorgeous!!! YAY!
  3. congrats!! she's beautiful.. i love the wine color :love:
  4. seems to have an inner glow. ;)
  5. Gorgeous, beautiful color and amazing leather! Congrats!
  6. That's very pretty! Congratulations!!
  7. Gorgeous Bag!!!!!!!:love:
  8. I'm really really happy for you!!!
  9. WOW 'P' - fromparis . . . I'm sooooooooooo happy for you :yahoo: - this Grenat Work looks absolutely GORGEOUS - and the leather is tdf - ENJOY it :flowers: ! This bag is meant to be YOURS :love: :heart:
  10. Yay, fromparis!! :yahoo: I'm so glad to hear you received your bag! It is so beautiful. First did a FANTASTIC job of picking it out! :heart: :love: Congrats to you and your wonderful fellowship!
  11. THAT BAG IS HAWT!!!!! :yahoo:
  12. wow congrats!!!!
  13. That is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats fromparis - I'm so thrilled for you. :yahoo: First, you picked out a stunner!:love:
  14. wow, that is a beautiful bal bag! take her out for a glass of wine in the same shade!:love:
  15. ^Ha ha, good idea, Chauss!
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