Finally the Perfect Petite Jean! Paige Petite Melrose Jeans

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  1. I just bought these today and they are absolutely fabulous! I am only 4 ft 11 inches and they fit perfectly over my 3 inch boots. I fell in love with the straight cut leg, which really surprised me b/c I have always worn bootcut jeans. These jeans are so incredibly flattering, my legs look slimmer and longer and I actually have a BUTT! Oh and they have the perfect amount of stretch to them so tha they are comfortable too!

    I just wanted to share my excitement about finally finding jeans that I do not have to alter AT ALL! This is a first for me! I am soooo happy!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Where can you get them? Are they only available on the Paige Denim site? I really want to try them....
  3. I got mine from Saks. They had just got them in so I was able to try on several sizes. I was surprised to find that they run a bit small! But once I got the right size, they fit great!
  4. Yea, Paige's are absolutely perfect. They are sooo unbelievably flattering. Paige really knows our bodies!!!

  5. Those sound fabulous! I'm a recent and raving paige fan now too:smile:
  6. Really?? I am 4 ft 11 too.. that's great! can you show me a link or a picture of the jeans?? I am in seattle.. and we have no Saks. :sad: TIA!
  7. ooo i'm excited. that means revolve should be getting them soon too :smile:. their website is down right now though :sad:.
  8. The fact that you say they made you look like you have a butt has me sold on them :yes:
  9. I love Paige jeans - they're so flattering! I am so happy that they offer Petites now.
  10. You can actually call the Paige retail store in LA and order over the phone, I've ordered 4 pairs of Paiges that way and they're super nice. The SA that I dealt with, Liseth, is so nice that she'll even give you the FedEx tracking number while you're on the phone! :yes:

    LOS ANGELES, CA 90048
    (310) 360-9888
  11. you'd think more brands would offer shorter inseam length for us petite women! i have a pair of joe's provacateurs, and LOVE that i don't have to hem them.

    i'm definitely going to take a look at these paige's. i hope i can find a store nearby that carries them, since i usually prefer to try jeans on before purchasing. thanks for sharing, grace!
  12. I just bought a pair of the Joe's Provacateurs. Also a great fit in length. I also really wish that they did came out with more styles for the petite figure!

    Revolve offers free returns so that would be a good place to try the new Paiges, once they start to carry them! Good luck!
  13. I know this is an old thread, but I just ordered a pair of the Paige Petite Melrose in Dark Resin. I have been thinking about it for a while, and Adasa has a 25% off coupon (and free 2-day shipping, free returns, and no tax) so I went for it. I can't wait to get them! I will report back for our interested petites.