FINALLY!! The perfect mascara!!

  1. Some of you may recall my post about trying Diorshow and Benefit Bad Gal and HATING both. I bought Fresh's mascara ($25.00+tax) which was a couple of bucks more that the aforementioned AWFUL mascaras. Fresh's mascara rocks!:yahoo: It looks like my lashes are a mile long and super it! They sell it at Sephora and at Neiman's too (I believe).
  2. Oo i might try that :yes:
  3. congrats! :yahoo:

    ive heard a lot of good things about that mascara, i might have to try it sometime
  4. I never considered trying Fresh's mascara. I might try it out now
  5. Thanks for the idea! I might go and try it on before purchasing though.. I just got a whole new tube of Shiseido's.
  6. my mom tried this mascara after hearing really good reviews and HATED it..

    mascara really is different for every person though, so congrats kristie, im glad you found your fav.
  7. ^^so true.
  8. Mascara is definitely very individual. I have a terrible time finding the perfect formula with the perfect brush. I loved the DiorShow formula but the brush was so large and didn't work for me b/c I have very small eyes.

    So, recently I found Chanel Inimitable and it's working great. Formula is great and the brush is much smaller. Works great for me.

    I would like to try the Fresh mascara. I'm glad you found something that is working so well for you.
  9. I'll have to try it.
  10. Ever tried Lancome Definicils (sp?)? That is a really nice formula, as well. I'm cheap when it comes to Mascara so I usually stick to the on-sale drugstore brands that have a good wand, but sometimes I get those for free from Lancome in a gift with purchase and I really liked them.
  11. I LOVE Fresh Products. I use their deodorant and body scrub. I'll have to try the mascara.
  12. Awesome, thanks for sharing...I'll keep that in mind.
  13. i dont think we get that brand over here.
  14. I love Fresh's Supernova mascara. It's incredible.
  15. I've heard they have very nice mascaras, I've also been quite happy with my Shu Uemura mascaras I've liked every formula I try by them.....