Finally, the perfect graduation shoe!

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  1. After having to return Bibi due to hardly being able to walk in her :sad: My search continued...until I found this dream shoe! I won't drag this out...Let me introduce...Elisa!! :smile:

  2. beautiful! congrats on graduating!! what a great way to celebrate!

    now, some modeling pictures, perhaps? :tender:
  3. Fabulous choice, OP! They are a great shoe, aren't they? I just love the super slim sexy heel. Congrats all round - on your graduation and on your lovely new shoes!
  4. So pretty!
    Congratulations, and I totally understand about the bibi-had to return mine too, but had no problem with the Larissa, lol!!

    I haven't seen these on anyone so I'd love to see a modeling picture too.
  5. very pretty, congrats jane!
  6. a beautiful classic jane! congratulations on your graduation shoe!
  7. Congrats! Lovely shoes!
  8. oh how gorgeous!!! perfect classic shoes! i have a feeling they will be good not just for graduation, but forever!

  9. Perfect indeed!! Congrats on both the shoes and your graduation!!
  10. Congrats! Are they comfortable and TTS? Let's see a modeling shot;)
  11. What a beautiful shoe. Perfect choice! Congrats on all counts!
  12. Beautiful, a classic, congrats!
  13. congrats jane! I totally feel you on the Bibis. I, too, am struggling with them :sad:
  14. nice choice!! :tup:
    congrats on your graduation! :woohoo:
  15. great choice! congrats doll!