Finally the perfect choo!

Mar 3, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan, China
My perfect pair of jimmy choo shoes ! I bought a pair last year, but sold it within a week at a huge loss because I can't handle the height of the shoes! I wore them for less than a hour and can't take it anymore. I was so upset. Yesterday I decided to get another pair of a 2 inch height. it's so comfortable! M so happy that i had finally found a JC shoes right for me.


Aug 4, 2013
Co. Antrim.
Ooh! They are gorgeous, and they look easy to walk in. Are you a size 35? I'm either a 34.5 or a 35 too, depending on the shape of the shoe. I love that Jimmy Choo makes shoes for our tiny Cinderella feet :giggle: :cloud9: