Finally! The Official LeSportsac Print Archive

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  1. It's finally here!!! :yahoo:

    "Do you have a favorite LeSportsac print that you simply cannot remember the name of? Or want to know what year it came out? Then explore the new LeSportsac print archive to see swatches of all our prints from 2000-2010."
  2. awesome!! thanks
  3. hahhaa... i was about to post this too....

    yeah... finally!!!
  4. thanks! this helped!
  5. Love it! and it goes all the way back to 2000! it's fun to look at the 'old' prints!
  6. Wow! Thanks for the link!
    I love this :smile:
  7. Love this!
  8. love it too!
  9. I found a bag with a spring 2008 pattern called "Lovely". I don't know anything about LeSportsac but do these prints get faked? I've been reading the authentification threads but annoyingly almost every photo is gone, or the ebay link photo expired, making this search so hard !!! I'll post a photo in the proper place, but just wondering in general, if fake bags with real patterns do exist?
  10. Jessi unfortunately fake bags with real patterns do exist, and often in abundance.
  11. How do I find out about a print? I have one that I cannot find anywhere!
  12. You can try posting on the LeSportsac Facebook page--they may be able to help you find the print that is not in the archive.
  13. That's awesome! I've been waiting for them to do that.