Finally, the Nightingale is coming to me...

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  1. Hi, all

    I finally found the black medium Nightingale and it is coming to me from New York.
    I am very happy, I want to share my pleasure....

    I just wonder if it is difficult to find this bag only to me or to everybody.:confused1:

    Have a good weekend, all.:wlae:
  2. ooo congrats! i love the nightingale bag
  3. Just saw a few of these at Barneys in Beverly Hills! They had black, black patent, dark brown, and tobacco brown, all were lovely. The leather on the black one was particularly soft and smooshy! What color did you get? Can't wait to see pics!
  4. Yesterday, I went to department to pick up my Nightingale. As you know, there are four section in each side of bag. One of eight sections was different from other sections. It was much shinier than others and there was no crack. Even in the mirror, I could see the difference. I returned it right away. I could see the SA very unpleasent and he did not show any sympathy. If I expect the perfect condition when I pay more than $1500 for a bag, am I wrong? I felt very bad and still do.......
  5. ^^^^ you should DEFINITELY not be feeling guilty. For $1500 the bag should walk out of the store unfolding a red carpet for you to walk on!
  6. I feel much better with your support..:shame:
  7. I completely agree! You deserved way better treatment than that! Do not give it another thought.