Finally...the Le Fabuleux

  1. I FINALLY got my geranium le fabuleux!!! I've had such a frustrating day that I really needed this! First off I got a huge nail/bolt stuck in my tire and it was making an awful noise, luckly a tire place was close by and I could get it fixed.....but this made me late for an oral surgery I had....then I had to stay late becasue I was behind.....then I get to LV and the CC that I was going to put the bag on (I get lots of rebates so I always buy LV on my CC) DECLINED!!!! Thank gosh my SA knows me and knows I would never pull a stunt like that...she called ASAP and long long story short there was a mix up and everything got cleared up and I GOT THE BAG!! Here she is..... It's a great color it goes with everything, which was a surprise to me :nuts: I love her:love::love:
    IMG_0224.jpg IMG_0230.jpg
  2. Stunning!!!!
  3. It's beautiful! WOW! The color is fabulous! Man, you had one heck of a day, didn't you?!?!? What a sweet, sweet reward at the end of the day, huh? Congrats and thanks for the pictures!
  4. I can't see a photo. Is it just my computer?
  5. I cant see either :[
  6. Sorry I had some technical errors the pics should be there now...
  7. ahhhhh! oooooooh! now I see!
    thats my fave LV bag. you're so luckeeeeee!
  8. Wow! That's beautiful... congratulations!
  9. Congrats, lucky girl! It's gorgeous :love: Sorry to hear about your bad day, but it worked out for the best. Enjoy your beautiful new bag, it really is stunning :nuts:
  10. wow! nice choice, i would watermark those pics, u don't want to see them show up on ebay one of these days.
  11. That's TDF, Congrats ! Can you post the inside picture pls?
  12. Good Idea !
  13. Congrats on your new purchase! It's gorgeous!
  14. I LOVE your Le FABULEUX!!!:nuts: The color is superb, the bag is just, what can I say, HOT and SO sexy, I am in love! Congratulations!...I gotta get into the Le Fabuleux club!hmmm....ENJOY it! It's a BEAUTY!:love:
  15. OOoo...Geranium! congrats!