Finally......The BRONZE FAMILY!!!!!!

  1. Well, here is my bronze family ladies and gents!! They are so beautiful IRL! This color is TDF! In the sunlight, the bronze just shimmer's and sparkles.

    Bronze Vernis Reade PM
    Bronze Vernis Broom Wallet
    Bronze Vernis Agenda PM
    Bronze Vernis 4-Key Holder

    Hope you enjoy the pics!!
    DSCN0521.jpg DSCN0531.jpg DSCN0532.jpg
  2. Very nice family pics..thanks for sharing!!
  3. they are TDF!
  4. :drool:
    Wowie wow wow WOW!!
  5. Bronze! my favorite COLOR!!!
  6. T, what a GORGEOUS collection!!!:love: LOVE IT!!!:nuts:
  7. lovely lovely lovely!!!:nuts:
  8. GORGEOUS! That is my favorite color in the Vernis collection!
  9. Oh lordie they are stunning!
  10. They're gorgeous, congrats ! :yes:
  11. OH man!! I forgot I also have the bronze cles!!! I forgot all about it, cause it's in my drawer!! Oh well, I updated my collection pics in the LV collection thread, you can see it in there.
  12. Gorgeous!
  13. Thanks ladies!!!
  14. Gorgeous!! I really need to get a Reade, I love that bag!
  15. Oh I LOVE IT! The color is amazing...its so beautiful...yummmm!