FINALLY! The bag that I've been waiting for for AGES!

  1. Yesterday I went to LV to pick up my LOVE2 tote PM in ecru!!! :yahoo:

    The ecru colour is definitely a little darker than I anticipated, but it's also a good thing because I don't think dirt will show up as easily as I expected.
    It's a great size for me, fits everything I need plus I have extra room on top if I need to carry a light jacket with me or whatever.

    OF COURSE the day my tote arrived from another store, my store received one of these! ARGH! But oh well, at least I got one. (I saw the Ocre MM too and I do like the orange colour). My greatest concern regarding this bag is creasing the LOVE logo...the back patch has no problems because it's stuffed (or feels like it) but the front is just puffy miroir material (which does not look cheap at all IRL)

    I also use something called the PurseBrite organizer and the colour of the organizer is sooo close to the ecru colour :tup:

    Overall I'm very very happy with this tote, I can't wait until I can use it!!

    Sorry, no modeling pics yet. My throat is very sore and I don't feel like getting dressed/prepared yet and I'm still in my jammies :p


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    love1.jpg love2.jpg love3.jpg love4.jpg
  2. im so pleased you finally got it, it seems like youv been waiting ages. congrats.
  3. Pics of inside of the bag with organizer:


    There's a light inside that turns on so you can see inside your bag in the dark!! :tup:

    Thanks Jazzie for introducing me to this product!! :tup:
    org1.jpg org2.jpg
  4. Congrats,it's really pretty.I'm glad it finally came.
  5. I'm so glas that you finally got it! Congrats on the LVOE2!
  6. Oh that is beautiful.Glad you like it.I love your purseket pattern and your purse light as well.

  7. Sooo pretty Karman! I'm glad the time finally came. Congrats!! Love that little organizer light!
  8. how cleaver is that purse bright!! love the bag too, gorgeous!
  9. Awesome! that light thing is a great idea!
  10. OMG! I love that tote, I'm so glad you finally got it, its so beautiful. CONGRATS! I really like that organizer, too. It's a great idea, I hate having to rumage through my bag to find my keys or lipstick.
  11. i seriously need one of those lights in my speedy!
  12. Wow, that is so cute!! That's great that you finally have it!
  13. congrats on finally getting it, im glad you liked it IRL! that purse light is a great idea too hehe.
  14. Finally... :smile: Congrats!
  15. Yay! Finally you got your tote!
    Congrats Karman :smile:
    Hope your throat feels better soon to!
    Btw where did you get that little bag light from?! I love it!