Finally taking the Kooba plunge ... and need help.

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  1. I love the Kooba Brynne and Marcelle in the brown colors. Which do you like better, I am having trouble deciding, and also, can you still find the Marcelle in stores or do you have to order it? What are some reputable companies to order a Kooba from? THANKS!
  2. laura, there is a store in mineola new york called michael klein handbags...they discount all kooba! i just bought my second one from's the website!

  3. Which Kooba bag did you get? How much is it discounted?
  4. I bought Kooba online from eluxury and There was no discount, but no tax and free shipping.
    I love the Marcelle, but prefer it in lighter colors.
    I love the Brynne in brown.
    FYI - I've seen both reduced on the web as they are not this seasons styles. Look for them on sale before you commit to full price!!
    I saw the Marcelle IRL for 50% less than retail at off Saks Fifth Ave. Check it out if there's one near you.
  5. JC Madison has the Brynne on sale right now for $476 in auburn. I don't believe any discount codes will work there for sale merchandise though.

    Kitson is still selling Marcelle online, however you'll pay regular price there.

    There are a couple of Marcelle's on eBay at a good price. If you're not in a hurry, keep checking eBay and you could probably find what you're looking for for around $250-$300 range. Happy shopping!