Finally taking the GRE.

  1. Three years after finishing college, after procrastinating, making up excuses, hemming and hawing, I'm finally taking the GRE.

    I guess because I have had luck with finding a good job, I had always pushed the thought of continuing my education out of my mind. I saw others getting their master's degrees - the stress, multiple projects, deadlines, etc. It's so easy to go home after work and relax, and not worry about school.

    My dad has been pushing me to at least take the GRE. I know what I want my master's in, but moving toward starting it has always been the issue.

    I'm a year late on my 2007 New Year's Resolution - it was taking the GRE :lol: Now I've signed up for the exam on February 23, bright and early at 8 a.m. I'll be taking quite a few online practice tests and trying my best to brush up on my math skills. I haven't seen a math problem in years :push:

    So, here's to passing the exam, and hopefully starting my Master's in Public Administration (MPA) with a couple of classes this summer - one during Summer A, the other Summer B :drinkup:

    Cristina, MPA - I like the sound of that :nuts:
  2. YAY Cristina!!!!!!!! I have a secret: If I continue my education in philosophy by getting a Master's in Applied Ethics (I get to design my own area of study here), I don't need a GRE score to get into the program!

    So I admire anyone that has to take the test, definitely! I hope you do well on it, and I hope that you feel great about taking the next step towards the all-important edumacation!
  3. It's great that you want to continue your education and that you are tackling it now! But - for non-US people - what is the GRE? Is that something like a SAT or some sort of aptitude test? TIA!
  4. Thanks, Candace :nuts:

    I have a secret, too - I don't need to take the GRE for the MPA program from Florida Atlantic University, where I'm going to begin the program. I read this earlier -

    I still have to submit my GRE score, but I could be accepted into the program based on my GPA from my bachelor's :nuts:

    Still, I am going to take the exam because in case BF and I move back to Orlando or out of state and I transfer, I will need the exam for admission into another school, more than likely.
  5. ^Thanks and good luck!! :tup:
  6. Good point, Cristina!!!! Well it is definitely good to cover all your bases. I love the idea of my Applied Ethics study, but what if I get back from the Iraq and decide that I want to get an MBA? I mean it's just a great idea to make sure you won't have any hangups down the road.

    It's too bad that graduate programs don't work like undergrad, where you just submit your transcripts in order to transfer, and they accept you based on the work you are already doing!
  7. Whoops, sorry! I should have specified :shame: The GRE is the Graduate Record Examination, a standardized test for admission into graduate school. HTH! :smile:

    The best part about this is that it's being funded by Bank of Dad :shame: He has been wanting me to go back to school, and when I told him that I would, he was thrilled! :love:
  8. Congratulations! Best of luck! :smile:

    I graduated last year, and hope to take the GMAT in the next few months so I can start graduate school later this year, but I've been putting off studying and registering for the test. Your thread just inspired me to sign up for it, so I can get my butt in gear and start studying!
  9. Yay, that's so exciting! I'm sure you'll do well. Crossing my fingers for you for a great test score in February!
  10. oooh Good Luck Cristina! I'm sure you will kick ass!
  11. I took the GRE, it was pretty intense. I also had to take the GRE Psych for graduate school (I actually didn't wind up going). Good luck to you!
  12. Thanks for the support, guys!

    Lori, describe intense!

    What really inspired me was talking to my co-worker. She took the GRE at 55, after being out of school for so long, and scored over 1000 on the first try. She is graduating with a master's degree in sociology this semester. She suggested that I take the practice tests that come in the registration packet that I will receive in the mail. I'm also going to take practice tests online, too. I'm not worried about the verbal or analytical writing sections - I do well on the verbal sections of tests. It's the math I'm terrified of :push:
  13. Good luck, Cristina!!
  14. Good luck Cristina! I remember taking this a couple years back (plus I had to take the Psych GRE too)!!! I struggled with the math part....mostly because it was 6th grade math and I was used to calculus LOL
    I studied my a$$ off and did well though :smile:
  15. Congratulations! And Good luck!