Finally! Strap for capucines bag

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  1. I finally bought the strap for my BB capucines!The bag is 2 years old but I have used it a few times only because I felt it was a very dressy bag and I am a casual person. Is it normal to be more excited about the starp than the bag? I love wearing the bag now, feels so much more luxurious, causual and fun at the same time❤

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  2. I love changing straps on my bags. It makes it feel like a completely different bag to me. This is a beautiful combination! I have the same strap and always love it with Galet. Congratulations! Glad to hear you are using that beautiful bag more now :smile:
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  3. Thank you ❤That's exactly how I feel. It's a new bag now. Did you get the strap with the pink on the other side?
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  4. I also loved the green strap. I think it's beautiful but I'm not adventurous with colours. I'll add a picture to show you how stunning is. My friend said I should go back and get the green later I am not sure how long the wide strap trend is going to last for so I'm not sure it's a good way to be spending money!

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  5. omg a fellow nancy ajarm fan, i love it

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  6. The one you picked and first posted is stunning!
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  7. I love the strap and definitely an added coolness to a beautiful bag. Congrats and enjoy!!
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  8. Yes, mine is the pink on the other side. It's very neutral and looks great with several of my bags. I agree the green is beautiful, but at the price of the exotics I agree I think the pink is a safer choice!
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  9. You, your bag, and your strap are stunning! Can you please share a link online? I’m afraid my search efforts on the LV website are futile.
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  10. Love the one you chose. Congrats!
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  11. I love that pink/python bandouliere. It looks great with your bag!
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  12. Thank you! You're so kind❤ I can't find it on the website either but found this which is a bit similar
    This is weird because I still have the screen shot of the strap I own. So it was on the website end of May.
  13. So I’m not crazy haha. I’ve been trying and trying to search for it. Thank you!

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