Finally stopped Lurking! Cause I have my first MJ bags:)

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  1. I have been lurking for wellover a year. Just could not find a bag I liked - that would work. Well the past week I went from famine to feast!

    Thanks to the MJ sale in NY - just received two selma large bags - teal and lavender. I am in LOVE!!!! I had tied these bags on over at off 5th - but wasn't sure and the $800 tag on them made it a maybe. The sale made it a MUST:smile:

    Wore the teal yetserday and what can I say - this is a great bag. Thought the clasp would bother me - nope - just left it unclipped until I hit the mall and then clipped it. This is a fantastic bag. Can kkeep my cell phone and keys in the outer posket and the inside - well it can caryy tons of stuff:smile:

    And...My xmas present is the MY by MY logo bag in camel with the matching clutch. I can't open until xmas - but another bag I am gonna love. Had to try it on:smile: There is a pic of this in the MY by MJ thread - I beleive baglover....this is another fab bag!

    I am hooked! Now want a clutch to match my selma's...anyone know of any????

    Thanks to all the great posts that finally put me over the edge!

  2. Congrats Therese!! What a great plunge into the MJ addicts world!! Welcome!! Your new bags sound awesome. I'm happy you loved the Selma. Those colors are gorgeous. I'm not sure about matching clutches; I'll let one of the other MJ experts on this forum take that one.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your new bags!!:yes:
  3. Therese,

    Congrats on your two new bags! I am not sure about the clutches, but good luck and I hope you find them!
  4. Congrats Therese! You will :love::love: all of MJ's bags I'm sure!!
    Please post pics, I'd love to see the teal color!!
    Merry Christmas, congrats on your M by MJ bag as well!
  5. Congratulations and welcome :flowers: !
  6. Yayy.. Pictures pls!!!
  7. CONGRATS on your first MJ's - great deals too!!! YAY!!!
  8. Um...I know you're new here and all, but uh...PICS! STAT!
    Congrats and love that you love your bags ;).
  9. Congrats on your bags!! ANd pics!! We need pics!! :heart: Emmy
  10. Congrats on your two new bags! Can't wait to see some pics!
  11. Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your new bags, would love to see pics!
  12. Yay! congrats on your new selmas! hopefully we'll see more of you and the pics soon!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats on the bags and on sale too!