Finally stopped Lurking! Cause I have my first MJ bags:)


Apr 12, 2006
I have been lurking for wellover a year. Just could not find a bag I liked - that would work. Well the past week I went from famine to feast!

Thanks to the MJ sale in NY - just received two selma large bags - teal and lavender. I am in LOVE!!!! I had tied these bags on over at off 5th - but wasn't sure and the $800 tag on them made it a maybe. The sale made it a MUST:smile:

Wore the teal yetserday and what can I say - this is a great bag. Thought the clasp would bother me - nope - just left it unclipped until I hit the mall and then clipped it. This is a fantastic bag. Can kkeep my cell phone and keys in the outer posket and the inside - well it can caryy tons of stuff:smile:

And...My xmas present is the MY by MY logo bag in camel with the matching clutch. I can't open until xmas - but another bag I am gonna love. Had to try it on:smile: There is a pic of this in the MY by MJ thread - I beleive baglover....this is another fab bag!

I am hooked! Now want a clutch to match my selma's...anyone know of any????

Thanks to all the great posts that finally put me over the edge!



May 6, 2006
Congrats Therese!! What a great plunge into the MJ addicts world!! Welcome!! Your new bags sound awesome. I'm happy you loved the Selma. Those colors are gorgeous. I'm not sure about matching clutches; I'll let one of the other MJ experts on this forum take that one.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your new bags!!:yes: