Finally! Spring 08 RTW

  1. of the Balenciaga Spring line.
    Can this be the electric blue?
    00050m.jpg 00090m.jpg
  2. Oooh! Let's hope so:nuts:

    Thanks for posting:yes:
  3. Sage green?
    Bubblegum (watermelon?) pink
    00190m.jpg 00220m.jpg
  4. Magenta???

    Electric Blue hiding in there...

    Is that the sage green in that print?
    00230m.jpg 00100m.jpg 00170m.jpg 00140m.jpg
  5. the magenta looks really nice! :tup:
  6. i'm actually very curious about sage green now. looks more promising than i had thought.
  7. thanks. i love sage green
  8. These colours look really exciting. Thanks for posting.
  9. Not feeling all the floral of this collection.... some great colours though
  10. Thanks for posting!! I am LOVING the sage!!
  11. Thanks for posting !
    I really hope the Magenta will be this one !
  12. Wow! Thank you!!! :flowers:
  13. the 2nd picture for sage green 'looks' more like sage green. love the colours and prints on the clothes!
  14. Thanks everyone! I got so excited when I saw the new collection I had to post these! I'm still not sure what the bubblegum is though... but if the electic blue and sage green looks like the pics that's pretty exciting.:wlae:
  15. wow! how exciting! i wonder how the sage green will be?? :heart::tup: