FINALLY someone at Coach was nice to me!

  1. I have to be honest, I was getting pretty jealous reading all the stories on here of people who have their own BFF sales associate who they can call or a SA who will let them get PCE with out a coupon and people who get calls and letters from SA's. I had been shopping Coach for 5 years and it had never happened to me!

    I'm not sure why I had been treated so crappy in the past. People have never been flat out mean, but not one has ever gone out of their way, they have always been pretty blah to me, not acting like it is a nice store at all, pretty much behaving like someone who works in a Target like store.

    FINALLY with my last bag purchase, the SA sent me a hand written note and told me to call her or come again! It felt good to finally be acknowledged the way it seems everyone else is!!

    I am only 23, maybe when I was a little younger and buying bags the SAs didn't take me seriously. Who knows...but I am happy to have my own SA now to communicate with :smile:
  2. I'm so glad to hear that! You should get treated well when buying a Coach, they aren't cheap! It's downright costly for me and I want that special treatment with it! (though it isn't often I get to shop in a boutique!) And age should have nothing to do with it! You are a potential life-long customer! OK, so more importantly..... what'd ya get!? LOL!
  3. I TOTALLY agree! All of the SA's at the Coach stores near me are either blah & not very helpful or extremely pushy and annoying. I HATE going into a store and being watched or followed around so that every time I pick something up to look at (not matter what it is!) there is an SA right behind me to say "oh that looks great on you! can i ring you up?" its like if i dont go into the boutique w/ something specifically in mind & I just want to browse, I cant because I start feeling like i have no breathing room! there also seems to be a pretty fast turnover at the two boutiques near me b/c i rarely seem the same SAs over and over again. Its bad and I really dislike going to the stores sometimes b/c its just so uncomfortable to have someone forcing a sale on you every time you show the slightest bit of interest in something! does anyone else have these kinds of experience? Where are all those nice SAs?? oh and as a last minute bit- i spent over $700 during PCE and never got a card or anything! so frustrating
  4. I've only bought one purse in a boutique store and they were nice but not overly nice. But the SA did send me a handwritten thank you note which I thought was nice. But I didn't get a PCE which I would much rather have.
  5. What she said!!
  6. Chocolate Medium Carly!! :smile:
  7. Congrats on your Carly! I'm sorry you haven't had a good experience in the stores. Evidently there are quite a few stores that don't value customer service and that is sad. I know it is important to the company as a whole. I would think that if you had a particularly bad experience then you should call Coach and let them know. There is no excuse for poor customer service.
  8. i have my favorite...she is the best then this other girl who isnt as great but all the managers know me by name...i hate the ones that are like can i see ur id cuz your picking up your order and i don't know you...
  9. Oh, that is wonderful to hear and the bag purchase too! All the SA's at the Coach stores near me are realy helpful and nice. There was an incident one time when I wanted to get the Barrett sneakers and Ladie Stripe flats. I belive I tired on about couple of pairs before I found the right size for the flats. My SA was really nice and did not mind the hassle of going back and forth bringing me different sizes. She even sent me a sweet postcard a week later!
  10. I'm glad you found yourself a good SA. I know exactly how you feel, I'm always reading about other ladies on here with great SA's and I feel so lonley lol. I hope one day I find one too.
  11. I'm glad you had a good experience this time! That totally stinks that no one has been extremely nice in the past. I guess the majority of the girls at my Coach store aren't really warm and fuzzy, but there are like 4 or 5 who are AWESOME and they make it worthwhile.

    At least they just kind of ignored you in the past...I had some lady STALK me around the handbag department of Neiman Marcus once! I promise I don't look like a weirdo, i'm a pretty normal girl. :crybaby:
  12. I'm glad to hear some appreciates you. Having a favorite SA is the best thing. I love mine.