FINALLY! Some new H loot! No stripotease, just come on it for the show!

  1. YAY!

    Well, the H gods were good to me lately, and they made DH feel quite giving!

    It all started a while ago when a Black Birkin 35 with GH in Evergraine became available!
    I jumped at the chance, and boy, i'm so glad i did! She's such a classic beauty! The leather is TOTALLY TDF! She's so soft to the touch, yet more firm than my togo. The smell....yum!

    You know how once you start buying H, you can't really stop?
    Well, i was so sick of having my LV Groom wallet because it's heavy and it just doesn't match! So the lovely DH says i should really get an H wallet... So i go looking on eBay for a decent deal, and there she is, a chocolate togo Dogon wallet with orange contrast stitching and orange pochette inside! She's marked as a sale itam, but it really doesn't bother me.

    Well, the fever had hit... Next i go to and grab what looks to be a Chevre Vert Anis Agenda, an insert, a boldouc a carre (???) twilly in the brown colorway for my beautiful Potiron Birkin, A gold Pegase Cadena for my new Black Birkin, a silver one for Potiron, and last but not least, some Kelly Caleche so i can smell nice!

    After all of that, the DH surprises me by saying that we're going to NYC for a few days! Of course the first order of business in to go to Madison H.
    I look around for a little bit, see a vert anis ostrich kelly in maybe a 28 or 32? YUMMY! I molest some Bolides, (lol) pick up and pose with some Victorias, and dream that i can get a bag there someday.

    Well, i didn't buy a bag, but i found a pretty rose shocking (or fuchsia) Eversoft Kelly Double Tour and jumped on that right away.

    Yep... sorry so long, but i never get to show off multiple things at once. :heart::tup:

    SO, to the pics!
    dogon&agenda.jpg dogonopen.jpg agenda.jpg
  2. some more!
    The Dogon is just heavenly! I could sniff and huff it for hours!
    boulducencarre.jpg kellycaleche.jpg silverpegas.jpg
  3. more!
    kellydoubletour.jpg blackbirkin.jpg both.jpg
  4. OMG Jennifleur, what fabulous goodies. Does your bolduc have both black and brown in it? Love , love , love you vert anis agenda and gold pegasus charm. Lucky you!!!
  5. Wow!! Congrats!! All gorgeous goodies, and it sounds like your DH should really call mine and tell him a thing or two about how to have a happy wife. LOL
  6. Aww! Thanks! :heart:
    The twilly has dark brown and light brown. It looks pretty dark in the pics, though.
  7. Jenni, everyone is FABULOUS!!! OMG! What a haul! Enjoy it all in the best of health, dear!!!:heart:
  8. Jennifleur... OMG Look at your loot :yahoo::drool:... Love it all... congratulations!!!
  9. Lol, Cynthia!
    This was unusual! That's for sure! I think he feels guilty for spending soooo much time working. :yes:

  10. Gorgeous choices! Congrats!
  11. GORGEOUS, J! :yahoo:

    Every piece is fab, fab, fab!!!!
  12. great haul! i am so excited for you on your new purchases and you have a sweet hubby~
  13. wow, wow and wow :nuts: Gorgeous goodies, oh my, so happy for you:yahoo:
    Especially love the brown Bolduc twilly :heart: and loved seeing KDT in pink, sooooo pretty!
  14. OH YEY! jen, what a loot!
  15. Congratulations! That's a great haul!